Freezer Box

Freezer Box Services in Pune

  1. Freezer box for dead body available 24/7
  2. Timely doorstep delivery
  3. Safe and Secure System for preservation
  4. Good quality freezer with low temperatures
  5. Ambulance with freezer box in Pune
  6. Mortuary Van for long-distance commute
  7. Reliable team for assistance and help


What does a dead body freezer box?

An icebox for the dead body or a dead body freezer box is the equipment used to preserve the human body for approximately one or two days. The body of the deceased will stay intact inside the freezing system for a few hours until your family members, relatives, and friends arrive for the cremation process.

Last Journey funeral services offer freezer box in Pune at affordable prices. Our team will deliver the freezer box to your doorstep along with assistance for help. The cabinet used to store the body has very low temperatures ranging from 0-8-degree Celsius. We will regulate the temperature of the icebox as per your needs and requirements.

How to transport a dead body?

There are many situations where you may need to transport your loved one to another city or state for the last rites. It takes time for everyone to assemble and for you to take out the process of the transit. The last Journey offers end-to-end assistance in arranging for the transportation of the deceased for short and long distances.

If you have to transport the dead body from Pune to another location, we offer mortuary van services in Pune. It is a well-maintained vehicle with the latest technologies and infrastructure to ensure a comfortable last ride. For your comfort, you can even travel with your loved one to make sure that everything is secure. We assure you that you will reach your destination on time.

Mortuary Van/Ambulance with freezer box in Pune

  1. Ambulance with freezer box available 24*7
  2. Dead body mortuary van on hire in Pune
  3. Hygienic freezing system
  4. Professional driver and staff by the Last Journey

When we lose a family member or relative it is the hardest time of our life. It changes the way we view life. To provide peace and comfort at such times we arrange for all your funeral requirements. Ours is an empathetic team providing comprehensive help for cremation and post-cremation rituals of Chautha, Uthala, Asthi Visarjan, Hawa, Pindadan, and Tarpan.

The Last Journey’s values are aimed at giving back to society by helping mourning families at their most difficult time. Our support is there with you at any time and day.


Usually, the range of the temperatures of the dead body freezer box in Pune is between 0 to 8-Celsius degrees.

The Last Journey freezer box for the dead body avoids decomposing for 24-48 hours, depending on the temperature.

A freezer box slows down the process of decomposition of the body due to lower temperatures but it does not stop the body from decomposing.