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How to Transport a Dead Body by Train in India?

How to Transport a Dead Body by Train in India?
How to Transport a Dead Body by Train in India?


07 October, 2022

How to Transport a Dead Body by Train in India?

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After a loss, one has to be transported to their final resting place. It is a stressful and challenging task to do so as there are many legalities to consider and requirements to fulfill. One must strategize the transit, arrange the documents, and consider the expenses. 

A funeral holds a lot of value not just for the family but also for the soul of the deceased. However, the bereaved family may not know where to begin. They are usually not handy with this kind of information or contacts that can help them through this difficult time. The outcomes can be damaging to emotional health as well as financial capacities. Hence, we advise that the more one stays updated about the information, the more they will feel in control. 

When a family member loses their life in a different city, we have to transport the lost one to their home town for the last rites. The grieving family can consider both flight and dead body transport by train. However, it is crucial to know that the process of transit is complex and involves a lot of documentation and approvals. 

Steps involved in carrying dead body by train:

  1. In order to start with the process, you will have to arrange for a death certificate from the respective hospital or doctor. It must be in the proper format to obtain hassle-free approval. 
  2. The next step is to get a No Objection Certificate from the police station falling under the jurisdiction of the address of the deceased.
  3. In case of transit of the body for long distances, embalming is compulsory. It slows down the decomposition of the body so that families can conduct the last rites mannerly. An embalming certificate is issued by the respective authority for clearances.
  4. To further ensure the safety of your loved one, professional undertakers seal and pack the body in a coffin box. 
  5. Remember to get at least 4 copies of all the documents and clearances.
  6. Moving on to the booking of tickets, the bereaved family has to look for available train cargo services, the timings, and the expenses. 
  7. Submit all the documents at the cargo station and book the ticket for the service as well as for the people who will accompany.
  8. Hand over the body of the deceased to the air cargo station.
  9. A cargo ticket or reference number is issued for the final destination.
  10. At the destination location, the body can be collected using the reference number.
  11. Use a mortuary ambulance to transport the dead body to the place of the funeral. 

When to choose dead body transportation by train?

  1. Whenever there is a shortage of resources for road or flight transportation, one should consider transit by train. It is a feasible option with good connectivity to remote areas. 
  2. Mostly, transporting the dead body by flight or road is costly as compared to train cargo services.
  3. When there are no restrictions regarding the time, the bereaved family can choose to go with the following process of services.

Documents required:

  1. Formatted Death Certificate from the hospital
  2. Police NOC from the local police station
  3. Post Mortem certificate (if required)
  4. Embalming and coffin box certificate
  5. Train Cargo Ticket

Cost to transport dead body by train in India:

The cost of transporting dead bodies by train in India depends on many factors and charges:

  1. The expenses for train cargo and the train passenger ticket depend on the weight of the body, the final destination, and the operator you choose. As per your case, the charges will be stated to you. 
  2. Cost of embalming and coffin box services. As per the quality of the coffin box and the charges asked for embalming, the overall cost varies.
  3. The cost of a dead body transport vehicle will depend on the distance of transportation. 
  4. Government guidelines and the market conditions also affect the cost of dead body transport by train

When you lose a close loved one, you deal with both emotional and managerial stress. There are a lot of responsibilities that one must take care of and the topmost includes the transport of your loved one to the place of the service. Be it transit by flight or by train there are fixed steps to be followed and strategies to be planned. 

The complete process can get overbearing for the grieving family especially during those heartbreaking times. To assist them, the team of the Last Journey offers comprehensive and all-inclusive funeral services. The team has experience of many years and follows a professional and empathetic approach while aligning the services. They serve as a single point of contact for the entire journey of the lost loved one which makes the lives of the bereaved simpler during hard times.

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