How to write a death notice?

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The first thing to note down before writing a death notice is that it is not the same as a death announcement. A death announcement is sent to family and friends of the deceased while a death notice is a formal public announcement of the death of a person. This is most commonly done on a website or newspaper to give the details of the funeral so that people can make their arrangement to attend the same.

There is a certain criterion that is taken into consideration when writing a death notice.

First, it should contain the information of the person announcing the death. Information includes giving their name and their association with the dead. It can be a Spouse, parent, close relative or a friend in the same priority, it can also be an Ex-wife/husband. We should write carefully the information as to not hurt anyone’s feelings. Forgetting the name of a close family member is a big no-no.

The second paragraph should announce the deceased and give a general presentation of the person, this includes the person’s name, age, place and date of death. It can also include titles, medals or other relevant info like a profession. With women, we should include her maiden name e.g., Mrs. A born B.

The next section starts with all the information about the ceremony, this should be written carefully as it contains the primary motive of the death notice. This paragraph should mention the type of funeral (burial or cremation), time and date of the ceremony, lastly the place at which all the arrangements are being held. Here the family could also mention how intimate they want the ceremony to be, also whether they want to receive flowers. They can also mention if instead of an obligatory gift, they want the person to donate to a specific organization or orphanage of their choice. Also, in an event of a death notice being posted after the funeral, a simple note that they held the ceremony in the privacy of close relatives, can be added.

Last, the death notice should contain the address of the family for anyone who wants to give condolences. This is optional and depends upon the family, whether they want to be contacted.

Some Points that should be taken care of while writing a Death Notice: –

  • All spellchecks should be done.
  • We should give correctly the place and time of the ceremony to avoid hassle at the last moment.
  • We should highlight properly the name of the deceased.
  • The newspaper takes the submitting before 4 or 5 pm (depending on the paper) we should submit accordingly for the next day so the death notice.
  • We can add the photo of the deceased.


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