Myths about death that many people still believe in

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The concept of death is mysterious. The uncertainty of the dying process and what happens after it is what makes death seem scary. Various myths about death have developed either from what we see in movies or from different cultural beliefs. These misconceptions ultimately lead to unnecessary fear and stress in the minds of people.

Here are some myths about death that many people still believe in:

  1. One should not talk about dying, as it will bring death closer.

People tend to get superstitious and feel that the more we talk about dying, the more we will attract it. While one should not keep talking about it, but a little planning and discussion about death with your loved one is wise. Deciding what kind of care would you like and letting know your last wishes will help make your last days easier and less regretful. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your family, you can reach out to funeral service providers. 

      2. To protect the feelings of my loved ones, I should keep them in dark.

Talking about your illness or death with your loved ones can be hard. You may not want to worry them or create a sad atmosphere. What one should understand is that being honest and listening to each other can make the situation easier to cope with. It also brings you more closer to your loved ones and removes any unanswered questions.

      3. I must stay positive around my dying loved ones so they stay positive and live longer.

While staying positive is a good thing, one should not deny the fact that death is coming. It is a biological process that cannot be avoided. You can simply sit with the dying person and allow them to talk about what is happening and their feelings. You can even discuss some memories with them and make them feel loved. 

      4. Since I was not there when my loved one passed away, I have failed them/Did not love them.

The only constant of our lives on this earth is that nothing is constant and that we can’t and don’t have control over everything. The timing and day of death is a complete mystery. While in some cases the loved one may wait for everyone, in others they pass away without meeting you. One should understand and accept this part of life and just pray for the lost one.

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