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What do I need to do if an Indian dies in Bahrain?

What do I need to do if an Indian dies in Bahrain?
What do I need to do if an Indian dies in Bahrain?


07 October, 2022

What do I need to do if an Indian dies in Bahrain?

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Bahrain country is famous for its natural resources and trade works. Thousands of people come here to make money through these rich resources and make a permanent living here hence the death of such foreign people is quite obvious. Many Indians also live here or come for a vacation. If any Indian faces such a situation then this article will help in knowing the entire process of Bahrain authorities after the demise of an Indian.

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Being at a great distance from a loved one at the time of demise is a devastating situation. People try to go there and fulfill all the duties regarding last rites but along with facing mental agony, they can not do it efficiently. Hence they hire a funeral direction organization to access the help. The Last journey organization is a leading group in this field. They are providing their services on a national and international basis. This article will guide you in a stepwise manner regarding the rules which one should follow if an Indian person dies in Bahrain.

Step-1- The very first step is, you should report the demise of the Indian person in Bahrain.

This rule is followed by nearly all the countries when a foreign person does in there. If your loved one died in Bahrain then you can report the death in the following manner.

  1. After demise in a foreign land, the issuance of an important document named a consular report of death abroad is mandatory. For getting this document you should report the death in the embassies of both countries, India and Bahrain. This legal document will help in proceeding with the work further.
  2. The above-mentioned document is very important for further proceedings so you should keep at least 10 xerox copies of the document. You will be required to submit these photocopies to various departments during the process.
  3. Reaching the place of the incident can take more time than usual so you can also report the death in both the embassies by email services.
  4. The Last journey organization provides all the contact details of the embassies of countries that are taking part in the concerned process.

Step-2- What are the crucial documents that will be required for getting the consular death report abroad?


As it is mentioned above that the consular report document is very important and legal so the authorities can not issue it after getting information only based on verbal detailing. There is a listing of other documents which are required for the issuance of it.

  1. The basic document for the consular report is a death certificate. The family member should submit it to the Bahrain embassy first. The death certificate can be arranged with the help of the last journey from the concerned hospital or local authority of Bahrain.
  2. All the information mentioned in the death certificate must be real and true. You should check the most important information like name, age, gender, time and date of death twice before accepting it. The death certificate should be signed by the concerned medical authority and stamped by the related department.
  3. Living or visiting other countries is only possible if a person is having a passport. So the passport of the deceased person should be terminated right after getting the information regarding the death. The process of passport cancellation should take place before applying for a consular report of death abroad.

Step-3- The process of disposing of the remains of a deceased person in Bahrain

Usually, people try to bring back the body of a departed soul from foreign land to their homeland with the help of a private organization. The last journey also helps people in the repatriation process from different countries. But sometimes it becomes impossible due to some unavoidable circumstances. So the people decide to perform the last rites in a foreign land. If your loved one dies in Bahrain and you want to perform the last rituals there, then this information will be helpful for you.

  1. The legal authorities of Bahrain allow the family members to perform the last rites for the departed soul in their country but they limit certain people to take part in these rituals. The last journey helps family members in reaching the place of burial and cremation by booking tickets and arranging local vehicles in Bahrain.
  2. The legal process takes time in various tasks like issuing death certificates or getting consular reports etc. So they allow for embalming services in their country. The last journey helps in arranging this embalming service and getting an embalming certificate. After the embalming process, the center that gives the service of embalming also provides a coffin box for the security of the human remains.

Step-4-  Guidelines for a person who dies under covid circumstances.

Due to the massive infection possibility from a covid infected person, Bahrain country made a few guidelines that should be followed by each person during repatriation or another process.

  1. The body of the deceased person will be buried or cremated only in a remote area because it lessens the chances of infection.
  2. Before cremation or burial, the body must be embalmed properly. Embalming assures the prevention of infection spreading.
  3. If someone wants to take the remains of the human body after cremation to bring them back home then permission from the concerned department is mandatory.
  4. Only a few people can take part in the process of last rites. The local authority or police will be there to monitor the process.

The foreign countries do not bear the expense of all these services if the family members are concerned with the demise of their loved one. The last journey tries to maintain transparency at the expense of provided services. We stand stern with the grieving people in foreign countries to help them with various tasks. We assist them in performing the last rituals without any obstacles. Our team members are well skilled and very professional in tackling such situations. We assure our service consumers about our top-notch services.


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