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What Happens to The Soul After Death According To Hinduism?

What Happens to The Soul After Death According To Hinduism?
What Happens to The Soul After Death According To Hinduism?


09 August, 2021

What Happens to The Soul After Death According To Hinduism?

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Do you ever come across questions such as:

  1. What is the concept of death according to Hinduism?
  2. Is there life after death?
  3. If so, where does the soul go immediately after death in Hinduism

Well, what happens after death is a controversial subject among Hindus. This is because no one knows what the correct explanations are. Despite this, everyone has different viewpoints about what occurs after death. Reincarnation is one of the many beliefs held by Hindus. The Upanishads mentioned the notion of reincarnation, which is further elaborated in the Puranas. It says that everything that is born, in reality, will die at some time. After death, the corpse will be buried or burned, and the soul will immediately enter another womb. According to some, the soul only leaves the body once the Karma accounts have been settled.

Where does the soul go immediately after death in Hinduism? 

Hindus believe that the physical body has no purpose after death and so does not need to be kept. They think that cremating their loved ones is the quickest method to liberate the soul and aid in reincarnation. They believe that after death, the body should be relinquished, or Samadhi, which means self-termination of life after fulfilling one’s obligations in the world. 

According to this notion, men in Hindu society follow one of two pathways after death:

  1. Devayana: The first is Devayana, which is also known as the road to salvation or the “God’s route”.  This route leads to Brahmaloka for the believer. He enters Agni’s world, Vayu’s world, Varuna’s world, Indra’s world, Prajapati’s world, and Brahman’s world after reaching the gods’ route. For individuals who live a spiritual and pure life, Devayana is accomplished by devoting one’s life to Brahman via meditation before death. However, if self-knowledge is not achieved before death, it takes place of Brahmloka, the ultimate heaven. 
  2. Pitriyana: Rebirth is attained through following the Pitriyana route, also known as the second pathway or the path of darkness. Those who make sacrifices to gods and other charitable deeds in the hope of receiving rewards follow this road to Chandraloka and return to this world after their Karmas’ fruits have been spent. If a person lives a filthy life and does heinous acts, he or she will be born into a lower species. 

Some Hindus believe that people may reincarnate as animals, and that reincarnation from human to animal form occurs only after a soul has repeatedly failed to absorb lessons in human form.

Following the teachings of the scriptures will lead to moksha in the end. Moksha is described in certain Hindu texts as the soul getting merged with Brahman, the source of all souls. Moksha is described in other Hindu texts as dwelling in the domain of a personal God. According to the Maitri Upanishad:

“Even as water becomes one with water, fire with fire, and air with air, so the atman (soul) becomes one with the Infinite Atman (Brahman) and thus attains final freedom.”

Another area of disagreement among Hindus is that people are only permitted to enter another human being. When a human is born, he or she can travel between the four separate life forms of human, heavenly, animal, and hell. According to scientific evidence, on the sixth day after a baby’s birth, goddess Vidhata, nature, appears and records the baby’s future life. People think that they will reach Moksha, or liberation, in one or two births after death.

Some Hindus believe that after death, the soul spends time in Swarg or Narak before reincarnating. People think that two types of occurrences occur after death. One who believes in both a single and many lives after death. You only get one chance after death to join either paradise or hell. Many souls are, however, returning from Pitr-loka to Bhu-Loka. Some variations are also claimed, such as those who are punished for particular misdeeds would be condemned to hell or reborn in Narakaloka, where they will live happily ever after. Swargaloka has decided to return to Earth.

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