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What to Say When Someone Loses a Pet

What to Say When Someone Loses a Pet
What to Say When Someone Loses a Pet


18 May, 2022

What to Say When Someone Loses a Pet

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In this era where trust, love and support are things too hard to find. People place their interests first over someone else’s. But the exquisite creation of nature in the form of pets leaves us agape. They drench us with their unconditional, pure and sheer love along with lifelong companionship. If you have ever been tricked and deceived by humans, this time give yourself a chance to invest in pets instead of humans. Now anyone can surmise the extent of grief and pain when pets bid us adieu. Losing close pets is nowhere less than losing a close family member. It could be a stage of emotional devastation.

It is the onus of the caretaker of the pet that it must be given the apposite reverence and love on its demise. Along with performing the rituals in which one keeps the faith, one must follow the legal procedure of funerals of pets. The last goodbyes to one’s furry friend deserve the mourning and gathering of all family members.

The funeral organizations cater us a range of facilities from home to the funeral place so that one can feel the relief and pour all the time into bereaving.

Here are Some of Them-

  1. One does not need to worry about the timing of cremation and burial of a pet as the service is being provided for all twenty-four hours.
  2. All the arrangements are easily accessible with the help of just a phone call.
  3. A trustworthy commuting service is always ready to help you in taking your deceased pet body to the apposite place.
  4. After cremation, the remains and last memory of your pet will be delivered to your doorstep.

The Options for Performing a pet’s Last Rites

Akin to the human faiths in which every sect follows a distinct process of practicing funeral customs, the owner of a deceased pet also has a choice for body disposition. It could be –

  1. Burial of the deceased pet body
  2. Cremation of the deceased pet body

Burial of the Deceased Pet Body

It could be the best option to evoke and live with the cherishing memories of your beloved pet. If one owns a house or property then burring the pet in the backyard or a corner will be opted. But before that, you must be assured of,

  1. All the legal directives of the vicinity whether they allow it or not.
  2. If the pet was grappling with a disease or infection before demise, it can harm other animals, water resources and soil quality by contamination.

Cremation of the Deceased Pet Body

Some people consider their pets no less than a close family members. That is why they want to honor the body of their pet in the same way a human body gets it. They choose a  proper cremation of the body of the deceased pet. For cremating the pet’s body one must opt biodegradable method of cremation. It could be a hard metal box in which the body can be placed and then set on the pyre. After cremation, the residual inside the box can be kept, buried inside the ground, or scattered over a water body. This also requires all the green flags from the authoritarian of your locality whether you can perform it at home or not.

Additional Services for a Pet’s Funeral

We always consider that expressing our emotions is a way to relive our inner souls. The sudden leaving of a pampered pet can make us feel like sensing a jolt in our lives. After saying goodbyes to the physical appearance of a loving pet, there is room for mourning in the wake of the moments that you spent with your pet.

After performing the rituals related to burial and cremation many funeral services provide a place where the people who shared a tight bond, can grieve in peace and evoke the journey with their pet. This gathering can be named ” A cache of his/her expedition.”  We can share the happenings associated with the pet that made us laugh in past and can also speak an emotional word about the companionship.

Pets must be along with us for our entire life whether they are alive or departed from us. We must strive for keeping their cherishing love, laughter and good memories with us. Their presence will be immortal in our homes and heart.  Few more efforts we can put into making the memories alive throughout our lives can be-

  1. You can order for making cremation jewelry that holds a bit of the residual of your pet. This feels like embracing the pet forever.
  2. Indicating the place where you buried your pet or its ashes with a customized stone will reminisce the gigglings you had long back with your pet.
  3. The funeral service organizations also render an option to place the last picture of your pet in a customized plaque along with a nice quote.
  4. Customized pet urns are also included in the beautiful memory collection of one’s beloved pet. On these urns, the name and sketch of the deceased pet can be engraved.
  5. A candle with lavender essence can make a place in the belongings of your pet. Whenever it will be lighted it will bring the funny, loving and caring reminiscents, that you weaved with your pet years back.
  6. A bird feeder which is specially personalized for a pet who is not more with its family can be a life-affirming option. Maybe the nourishment of birds will soothe the departed soul of your pet in the best way and it will feel truly revered.
  7. A keychain on which the perfect paws of your pet are engraved or printed will be close to your heart always and remind its presence forever.

Those who are gone can not be brought back but their honor which we show at last time by performing a worthy ritual can make them smile somewhere in heaven and realize that they can not be forgotten at any cost.

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