Cremation Grounds Lucknow

A funeral is a time for accepting, remembering and honouring!

It is difficult to bid a farewell to a loved one. The care and honouring of your beloved’s remains after passing away is one of the last things you think of when dealing with the loss. While the sorrow you feel from losing a beloved may be difficult to bear, there are certain decisions that one needs to decide on to conduct a well deserved and beautiful homage.

To help you get started with the process and to relieve you from the innumerable responsibilities, our team at Last Journey in Lucknow offers a plethora of services for every possible need of yours. Not only this, we specialize in creating theme-based floral tributes so you can get the farewell that will stay in your hearts forever.

The foremost task includes finding a cremation ground that serves both the emotional and practical needs of your family. We will connect you with the right cremation services, arrange for the samagri and transportation, appoint a knowledgeable pandit at the ground, and even create customized services for the post-cremation ceremonies of Chautha, Tehravin, and Shanti path.

We have compiled a list of the best cremation grounds to consider for the farewell of your loved one.

While the misery of loss takes time to heal, the first step towards healthy healing is to conduct dignified and respectful last rites of the loved one. The shmashana is not just a deserted land for burning the pyre instead it is a holy sanctuary whose architecture is designed as per the directives in our holy books. There are many laws and things to consider when choosing the right cremation ground.

Those last rites of the deceased is a spiritual act leading to the commencement of the journey of the soul. While the human body returns to the basic 5 elements of the universe, the soul takes a new path. The one thing that death makes us realize is the importance of our true selves.

Not only does it give a bigger picture about life but also leads to the revelation that death is just one moment.

Families in Lucknow have the option of choosing from our two options for a green funeral. We are a socially responsible organization and strongly encourage our families to go with the option of electric/CNG cremation or cow dung logs instead of wooden logs.

Cremation Grounds List:

Baikunth Dham

Baikunth Dham Nahariya Alambag

Daliganj Kabristan

Gulala Shamshan Ghat

Hindu Cremation Ground

Hindu Samshan Ghat

Kabristhan Kapoorthala

Muslim Graveyard

Nizi Kabristan And Karbala

Paltan Chawni Cremation Ground

Sahara Cremation Ground

Shamshan Ghat