Mortuary Van with Freezer

While coping with the death of a loved one isn’t easy, it’s even difficult to stress about conducting the last rites within time. Many times the close ones of the deceased are not present and it may take time for them to reach. There are even scenarios where you may need to carry the deceased to your hometown to conduct the last rites. Mortuary vans are just the vehicles you need for such instances.

Last Journey is the name you can trust for Mortuary van provider in Lucknow. Our vehicle is updated and has all the advanced amenities and technologies. These vehicles also have an inbuilt freezing system that will keep your loved one safe. With the assistance of professional drivers and attendees, we make sure to aid you with everything needed.

Freezer Box on Hire in Lucknow:

  1. Arrangements and at-home delivery of freezer box by staff
  2. Ambulance Vehicle with freezer box
  3. Competent staff for assistance in transferring
  4. 24*7 long and short distance service
  1. 24*7 Hours ambulance available
  2. Transport dead body to the cremation ground
  3. Safe and secure mortuary van with freezer
  4. Fastest Dead body transport by train
  5. Reliable team and drivers for assistance
  6. Funeral decor services by the Last Journey