Asthi Visarjan services in Lucknow

Asthi Visarjan is the ritual of immersing the leftover ashes and bones of your loved ones in holy waters to release their soul from bondage and help the soul achieve liberation. The Asthi Visarjan process is taken place in a certain manner by following certain rituals. The process of Asthi Visarjan is carried out in a prescribed manner to ensure that the deceased member’s soul is at peace. 


The Last Journey team can assist you to carry out the procedure of Asthi Visarjan services in Lucknow by guiding you through the entire process. We provide all the necessary services for Asthi Visarjan such as Pandits, Puja, Samagri and designated holy places to carry out this process. 

Places for Asthi Visarjan in Lucknow

  1. Baikunth Ghat 
  2. Jhuleylal Ghat 
  3. Maharaja Agrsen Ghat 
  4. Gulai Ghat


The Last Journey Asthi Visarjan services in Lucknow are inclusive of the following: