Dead Body Freezer Box In Lucknow

  1. 24*7 Dead body freezer box on hire in Lucknow
  2. Mortuary Van/Ambulance with Freezer Box
  3. Good Quality Freezing System (0-8 degree Celsius)
  4. Designed to preserve the body of the deceased
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Losing a loved one is overwhelming, especially when it happens all of a sudden. Along with pain and grief, there are a lot of responsibilities that are needed to be looked into – all in a very short period of time.

We understand that it is challenging for families who are already grieving the death of a loved one to carry all these responsibilities. In such sensitive moments, it is a wise decision to appoint a trustable funeral service provider who can take care of all the arrangements including, transportation, cremation, and the freezer box.

In India, the performance of the last rites is deeply connected with our customs and traditions. We follow a variety of practices according to our religion, region of origin, caste, and family traditions. However, there come instances where the rites are delayed due to various reasons like autopsy or identification. In such cases, dead bodies are stored and preserved in an icebox to save them from decomposition. However, sometimes it gets difficult to manage such services at the last moment. That is why to help you during this time of grief, the Last Journey in Lucknow offers freezer box services.

Dead Body Freezer Box Services

fter a person passes away, the body is prone to decomposition. Hence, to preserve it from decay, a dead body freezer box comes to use. Last Journey freezer box stores dead bodies in a refrigerated cabinet that helps preserve the deceased for a short and long time. The temperature of the freezer is very low, as low as -15 degrees Celsius. There is a temperature control system with which you can regulate the temperature according to the requirements of the deceased’s body. To prevent any kind of foul smell the refrigeration cabinet is double layered.


Usually, the range of the temperatures of the dead body freezer box in Lucknow is between 0 to 8-Celsius degrees.

The Last Journey freezer box for the dead body avoids decomposing for 24-48 hours, depending on the temperature.

A freezer box slows down the process of decomposition of the body due to lower temperatures but it does not stop the body from decomposing.