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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from France to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Reunion Island France to India

In an international transportation of the dead body from Reunion Island authorized by France to India there is an involvement of several legal documents. To handle the paperwork and dead body preservation simultaneously, a bereaved family needs the professional help of a credible funeral direction team.

For a Dead Body transportation from Reunion (France) to India, Last Journey funeral direction team's role fits very well. Our team stands strongly with the deceased's family from beginning to end.

Here are the fundamental services included in our repatriation package.

  • Informing the responsible authorities regarding the demise of an Indian citizen in Reunion (France)
  • Obtaining the required documents from concerned departments of Reunion
  • Coordination with the local funeral homes of Reunion (France) for domestic transportation
  • Arrangement of Embalming services & coffin box
  • An online portal creation for updating the family members and combination among team members
  • Online ticket booking for the deportation of remains to India through airlifting

How does the team ensure a legal & dignified shifting of remains from Reunion (France) to India?

Last Journey team is familiar with all the protocols determined by the Reunion authorities for safe shipping. We take care of every single requirement of the dead body, the family of the deceased and the legal protocols.

To lessen the complexities of this time-consuming procedure, Last Journey organization divides different responsibilities among team members. Therefore the documentation and preservation of the dead body go hand in hand.

Step 1- Aprising the deceased's family of protocols & attaining clearance from authorities -

It is important to make the deceased's family aware of all rules and regulations in an easy manner. Last Journey team carries out this responsibility quite well.

We seek clearance from authorities in the form of the below-listed documents.

  • Export Transit Permit by the embassy
  • No objection certificate (NOC) by police authorities

After attaining clearance from concerned departments, the team shifts the body to a mortuary with the help of a local funeral home.

Step 2. Obtaining a clinical Death Certificate from the Hospital Authority -

Among all the necessary documents, a clinical Death Certificate holds significant value. A government-certified hospital authority performs the primary checkup of the dead body & grants a valid Death certificate.

This certificate should have -

  1. Name, Age and Gender of the deceased person
  2. The cause of the death should be written
  3. Date & timing of the demise
  4. It should be in both languages that are accepted by both the involved countries

The team assesses each detail mentioned on the death certificate mindfully before signing and receiving it on behalf of the family.

Apart from the Death Certificate, several other documents will also be required in the repatriation procedure. Our team will head towards those departments that grant the below-mentioned certificates & papers.

  • Embalming Certificate
  • Sealing Coffin Box certificate
  • A signed consent letter by the family
  • Passport & visa of the deceased person for cancellation
  • No Infection certificate for the sealed dead body
  • Details of all the booked tickets for air cargo and flight services

Step 3. Embalming services & final shipping of remains -

The team sends the body to an embalming center attached to a certified hospital. Here the team of experienced doctors substitutes the body fluid with a specific mixture of chemicals and water.

It ensures the long survival of the deceased body even after the completion of the repatriation. You can shrug off all the worries regarding decomposition and skin deterioration during shipping.

The embalmed body rests inside a coffin box and the team perfectly seals it before sending it to the airport.

In the end, the team books the online ticket for two-way air cargo services and transfers the body to the airport. 

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