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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Italy to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Italy to India

In the absence of thorough information about legal formalities, carrying out a safe self-transportation of the deceased body is impossible. Taking professional assistance from a credible funeral direction team is the most beneficial, a concerned family can take.

To ease this complicated and legal duty-filled dead body transportation from Italy to India, Last Journey offers the best and most promising services. Our repatriation services include -:

  • Notifying the liable authorities of India and Italy
  • Obtaining all the documents crucial for airlifting the body
  • Guiding the family of the deceased in providing the right information about the demise and the dead person
  • Embalming and other medical facilities for the remains
  • Provision of sealed coffin box and casket
  • Online ticket booking for air cargo services
  • Registration of the death in the consulate department of Italy
  • Assistance in the postmortem or autopsy if death occurred due to accident, murder or suicide etc.

All the above-listed aids by the team cover each aspect of legitimate shipping from Italy to India following the protocols.

What is the process adopted by Last Journey team to conduct a repatriation task?

From notifying the embassies of both involved countries to helping the family receive remains in India, Last Journey takes the onus of every single responsibility.

Here are the major areas we cover under our reliable transportation services.

1. Obtaining clearance & documentation process -

Without legal clearances from higher and local authorities in Italy, repatriation can not proceed further. In the very first step, the team informs the Consulate of Italy about the death and asks for an Export or Transit Permit. This document is counted as the first clearance granted by the foreign authorities.

The team contacts a local mortuary to collect the remains and place them in the mortuary safely. It should be carried out in the presence of the local area police authority. They grant a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in the case of natural death.

Now coming to the medical clearance, the team approaches the mortuary or certified hospital to obtain the clinical Death Certificate. It includes all the essential information about the deceased person. The team mindfully checks them and receives them by signing on behalf of close kin if nobody is participating in repatriation.

2. Embalming and other services for the dead body -

Last Journey team contacts the local funeral undertakings in Italy to attain help & coordination in providing several medical services to the dead body.

  • We book an equipped ambulance van for the domestic transportation of the body.
  • Hiring dead body freezer box to provide favorable temperature to it.
  • Booking a slot in the center for Embalming services. The team will approach only a certified team of doctors for this complex medical procedure.
  • Provision of a coffin box that complies with all the standards of Italy government.
  • An air-conditioned steel container will be booked if you want to offer additional care to the mortal remains.

Without embalming the airport authority will not grant clearance for final shipping to India.

3. Listing of other documents required for legal permission -

  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin box certificate regarding proper covering and sealing of the dead body
  • Indian passport and visa of the deceased body
  • No infection certificate by the health authority of Italy
  • A signed consent letter by the family of the deceased
  • Autopsy report if required
  • Air cargo ticket details
  • The ID of accompanying members in transportation

4. Online ticket booking -

Last Journey team finds the most suitable timing of final shipping after assessing the scheduled flights providing two-way air cargo services. Through this two-way service, you can return the belongings of the Italy government after repatriation. 

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