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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation services from Mayotte to India

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Dead Body Transportation services from Mayotte to India

Mayotte is an island region authorized by France country. Very few funeral homes provide repatriation services from Mayotte to the homeland (native country). If you are concerned with the relocation of the remains of your beloved one from Mayotte to India, Last Journey team is just a call away.

New Delhi-based, a renowned Indian funeral organization, Last Journey lends a helping hand to the needful in bringing their beloved ones back from across the globe. Our professional services include a personal touch of empathy and compassion to make the grievers feel genuinely supported.

Which key services are provided by team members as an assistance to the deceased's families?

The complex and time-consuming legal procedure of dead body transportation includes too many domains where a family requires help & guidance.

Here are the key features of our repatriation package.

  • Registering the death of an Indian citizen in Mayotte records
  • Apprising the family of the entire lawful procedure of repatriation
  • Obtaining all the legitimate clearances from the higher & local authorities of Mayotte
  • Sending the dead body for embalming services
  • Arranging a certified coffin box for sealing the remains perfectly
  • Preparing the dead body for air shipping
  • Booking two-way air cargo tickets and flight tickets
  • Informing the family regarding frequent updates in the procedure through the online portal
  • Contacting the local funeral homes and mortuary houses to arrange facilities on the ground

These services are carried out by our well-versed and highly skilled professional staff members. The team strives to fulfill the personalized desires of the family or departed soul as well if possible.

What are the essential tasks in shifting the dead body from Mayotte to India?

1. Obtaining legal clearance through the documentation process -

Due to having strong contacts in foreign embassies, Last Journey team completes the paperwork in less time than anticipated.

Immediately after reaching the location of the demise, the team informs the Mayotte embassy regarding the death & seeks a Transit Permit. The higher authorities grant a No Objection Permit (NOC) as well.

Now the team sends the dead body for a primary medical examination. If the death occurred due to natural cause, the hospital authority will grant a Death Certificate. If it is a case of suicide, murder or accident, the body will be shifted to a postmortem house to collect postmortem reports.

2. Embalming and sealing in the coffin box -

The team approaches only certified centers of Embalming. Here proficient doctors expel the dead body fluid and inject a specific mixture of chemicals and water. The skin of the dead body is also covered or coated with a chemical substance. It keeps the body fresh until the final rites.

Now the embalmed body is kept inside a coffin box that conforms to all the international guidelines regarding a safe & dignified dead body relocation.

  • The coffin box should be picked according to the size and comfort of the deceased body.
  • The coffin box must have metal linings at the borders.
  • Its sealing feature should be hassle-free.

3. List of Documents -

Several authorized departments of Mayotte grant permission in the form of the below-listed documents.

  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin box certificate
  • No infection certificate for the dead body
  • Airport clearance for airlifting dead body
  • Passport of the deceased person for cancellation
  • IDs of family members and sponsoring team members who are carrying out the repatriation process
  • Details of the booked air freight tickets

The team asses the information mentioned on these documents mindfully before signing and receiving them on behalf of family members.

4. Travel arrangement by the team -

Last Journey benefits the needy deceased's families with specific two-way air cargo service bookings. We have contacts of those airlines in Mayotte that provide two-way air cargo facilities. It removes the burden of traveling the foreign to return belongings and necessary documents.

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