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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Sierra Leone to India

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Dead Body Transport from Sierra Leone to India

Receiving the unfortunate news of a close one's demise abroad shatters the hearts of family and friends. To tackle this concerning and painful situation, the family of the deceased person should take the assistance of a renowned funeral direction team. With all the precautions and professionalism, Last Journey promises a quick, legal, secured and dignified dead body transportation from Sierra Leone to India.

Our team deploys only highly skilled and certified team members to execute the responsible and sensitive formalities in the complicated repatriation procedure.

Here are the key services of Last Journey team in dead body relocation from Sierra Leone to India.

  • Sending notifications to the higher authorities of Sierra Leone and India for attaining permits for repatriation.
  • Providing safety and dignity with the ground facilities of certified funeral homes of Sierra Leone
  • Obtaining papers from the responsible departments of Sierra Leone (Death Certificate & others)
  • Travel Arrangements through online ticket booking (two-way air cargo & flight services)

These are the four key facilities provided by our skilled members. All the aspects of paperwork and dead body preparation are included in these four features of our services.

How does the team take care of the dead body during repatriation?

Along with completing the documentation work, the team arranges all facilities ensuring the safety & dignity of the remains. The team contacts the local funeral homes to provide -

  • A dead body freezer box
  • A coffin box or sealed casket
  • A metal container with an air conditioning facility
  • A well-equipped ambulance van for domestic transportation of the remains (hospital, postmortem house and embalming center etc)
  • Booking a slot in the certified embalming center

Embalming is mandatory for the safety of the vulnerable dead body. The well-trained and professional experts in the embalming process treat the dead body with a complex replacement of body fluid with chemical mixtures. Besides this substitution, they cover the whole body with a chemical substance.

It prevents the dead body from decomposition, keeps the skin fresh till final rites and lessens the chances of damage due to any sudden jolt.

Now our team places the embalmed body inside a new, sealed and certified coffin box. For even more secure and comfortable relocation we provide a spacious metal container with a full AC feature. After all these services, the family can consider this cargo ready to be shipped.

Which papers/documents/certificates are required for obtaining legal clearance?

Years of experience and in-depth awareness regarding paperwork of Dead Body Transportation, enable us to quickly conclude the documentation process.

To avoid the bare minimum chances of missing any of the papers or documents,  we follow the below-given list.

  1. Death Certificate with all the important details of deceased person & death incident.
  2. Postmortem reports if the death incident has any unnatural cause
  3. Original passport of the deceased person (indian) for cancellation by the authorities of Sierra Leone
  4. Embalming certificate
  5. Coffin box certificate
  6. Certificate from the public health authority stating the absence of communicable disease in the dead body
  7. IDs of the accompanying members in repatriation
  8. Information on the tickets booked for two-way air cargo and flight services
  9. The consignee's details (name, contact number, and address)
  10.  Consent letter by the family of the deceased
  11. Exit permit or transit permit from the embassy of Sierra Leone
  12. No Objection Certificate, commonly known as NOC
  13. Clearance from the local police authority of Sierra Leone
  14. Clearance from the airport authority for airlifting the dead body from Sierra Leone to India
  15. Proof of the deceased person's residence (temporary/permanent) in Sierra Leone through bills or booked tickets

All the documents must be in original as well as photocopy format. Our team members will arrange them with the help of locals.

How do we send the remains back to India?

Unlike other professional funeral direction teams, Last Journey provides a specific "two-way" air cargo service along with flight tickets. It helps in returning the belongings of Sierra Leone authorities after the safe receiving of remains by the consignee present in India. 

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