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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Somalia to India

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Dead Body Transport from Somalia to India

The families or close friends looking for professional assistance to transport the dead body from Somalia to India, Last Journey organization is just a call away. Our services will not only free the concerned family from the legal paperwork responsibilities but ensure them the utmost safety and dignity of the remains.

The repatriation services of Last Journey team are globally expanded and include small African countries like Somalia. You can hand over the whole charge of documentation & dead body preparation after hiring the team.

To hire the repatriation team of Last Journey Funeral Direction organization,  follow the below given simple steps.

  • Contact the team
  • Give details about the location and other information about the deceased person
  • Know our services included in the package and their charges
  • Discuss the specific issues with the team and about the personalization of services
  • Book the team and get the services instantly

Why do you need a professional funeral direction team to relocate the dead body from Somalia to India?

Unfamiliarity with the protocols of Somali authorities and language issues bound the families to hire a team that is well-versed in the procedure.

Here is our prime assistance.

  1. Death Registration
  2. Clearance from the embassy or consulate of Somalia
  3. Documents obtaining from the different departments
  4. Embalming services at a certified center
  5. Arrangement of the coffin box or a sealed casket
  6. Tickets booking for air cargo & flight services

If no family member is willing to take part in the dead body transportation, our team members will take whole and sole charge of each formality related to documentation and dead body preparation services.

What steps do we follow for safe, legitimate, dignified, and quick dead body transportation?

To resolve the complexities of this time-consuming and sensitive process, our team segregates the whole task into small subtasks.

1. Clearance from the consulates of Somalia -

It is mandatory to attain legal permits from the embassy or consulate of the country from where the dead body is going to be shipped. The authorities grant the team -:

  • Exit or Transit Permit
  • No Objection Clearance (NOC)

These significant documents act as a primary clearance in the legal dead body air shipping. You must carry copies of each one along with the original document. You will need to submit the photocopies to the concerned officials of Somali authorities.

2. Embalming & shifting in the Coffin Box -

The team does not compromise with the safety of the dead body. We book a slot in the certified embalming centers to provide embalming services to the dead body. This medical service prevents it from decomposing.

It includes the replacement of body fluid with the chemicals and a layer of chemical substance is also coated on the skin of the dead body. After embalming, our team members place the remains into the new and sealed coffin box.

3. Collecting the documents from the liable departments of Somalia -

Without a single valid paper, the team or family is unable to conclude the documentation process according to the protocols of Somali authorities. Our team is aware of all the documents and their significance.

Take a look at those required documents.

  • Exit permit
  • NOC
  • Death certificate
  • Embalming reports
  • Postmortem reports if asked
  • Coffin box certificate
  • Original passport of the deceased person
  • No communicable disease certificate by the Public Health Department of Somalia
  • Information of the consignee
  • Consent letter from the family
  • Details of the ticket booked by the team
  • Clearance from the airport authority of Somalia
  • IDs of the family & team members involved in the legal procedure
  • Proof of deceased's residence in Somalia

The team members will arrange the photocopies of each document. You must carry at least 8-10 copies of above above-listed valid papers.

4. Final shifting through two-way air cargo service -

In the end, we discuss the schedule of flights and book the most convenient time for shipping the dead body through "two-way air cargo services". With the help of this unique air service feature, you can return the belongings of Somalia without visiting here again.

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