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Asthi Visarjan Services

Asthi Visrajan Services: Pray for spiritual liberation of your loved one while we make arrangments

Asthi Visarjan Services

Asthi Visrajan Services: Pray for spiritual liberation of your loved one while we make arrangments

Asthi Visarjan Services

Our Asthi Visrajan Services offer a sacred space for you to pray for the spiritual liberation of your loved one, while we take care of all the arrangements.
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Steps To Be Done

Effortlessly plan a dignified farewell with our 3-step process - Quick, Reliable, and Hassle-Free.




After the death of a loved one, we understand that the grieving family is already going through a whirlwind of emotions and stress. That is why Last Journey ensures that every aspect of the Asthi Visarjan Ceremony is handled properly. Our assistance includes providing comfortable transportation for your and your family.  The Last Journey staff will assist you in executing the Asthi Visarjan services at the Holy water and will hello you with selecting the Pandit, Smagri, and Puja as per your comfort.

Asthi Visarjan Places in Telangana

  • Transportation from Hyderabad to Asthi Visarjan's location.

Transportation and preparation of sending off your loved ones ashes should be the least of your concerns during this stressful time. That is why, we at Last Journey, take care of every part of the Asthi Visarjan Ceremony from start to end. We assure comfortable transportation for you and your family. We will transport you to your preferred ash immersion spot from any location in Hyderabad. 

  • Knowledgeable Pandits.

Your loved one’s final farewell must honour them most pleasantly. Asthi Visarjan services play a vital role in this part. During the ceremony, the appointed Pandit will perform all the necessary puja and havan. Last Journey associates themselves with the most experienced Pandits that will execute each ceremony as per your requirements. They’ll also help you by arranging all the important samagri for the ceremony.

  • Samagri and Puja Preparations

Since the Asthi Visarjan Services is a religious ceremony, specific holy and auspicious things must be used. Our team will help you and your family arrange these items well ahead of time so that the ceremony can run smoothly. We assure you that all the products and packaging that we will provide will be of high quality. 

  • Cremation Urn or Pot for Ash

Before immersion, your loved one’s ashes are kept in a Cremation Urn or a Pot. This Urn or Pot will be a unique item that will keep your loved one's remains safe till the ceremony. Last Journey offers a wide variety of Cremation Urns and Pots that you can easily choose from. 

  • Dashgatra Vidhi 

After the Asthi Visarjan Ceremony, Dashgatra Vidhi is one ritual that is necessary to be performed to pay honour to the lost one’s ancestors. Last Journey makes sure that the entire event goes smoothly without any difficulty.

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