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Hyderabad Cremation Ground

Supporting You in Your Time of Need

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For the families mourning the loss of a loved one, a cremation ground, also known as a Shmashana, is not just a barren land for conducting the services of cremation, but rather a holy sanctum that will pay a last farewell to the beloved allowing the soul of the lost one to move onto their next journey. The insatiable hunger for the peace of the soul begins to satisfy at the land of Shmashana. As per beliefs, the cremation ground is a place where the human body returns to the five elements of the universe, which are air, water, fire, earth, and space. Our entire lives, we give great significance to materialistic things, if we realize the true nature of the soul, we will know that no one actually dies. Historically, when it came to planning a cremation, families in Hyderabad choose to have a wooden open-air pyre cremation service, but with more knowledge and understanding of the environment, they are opting for services like Green funerals.

Types of Cremation we offer -

1- Cow Dung Logs

For the process of cremation, we use more cow dung logs which reduces deforestation and the percentage of pollutants released into the air.

2 - Electric/CNG Cremation

To go with the most economical and eco-friendly cremation, choose Last Journey electric/CNG cremation services in Hyderabad.

3- Wooden - 

We offer wooden cremation services at any cremation ground in Hyderabad. You can any kind of wooden for cremation.

Book Cremation Ground By Last Journey

Our team offers end-to-end funeral services to assist you in the last journey of your beloved and ensure that you are not alone. To relieve you from our responsibility, our team will help you with all services, including transportation, cremation ground booking in Hyderabad, freezer box services, antim sanskar samagri, pandit services, and organizing the ceremonies of AparaKriya and Shraddha Vidhi. Here is a list of the best Cremation Grounds in Hyderabad with addresses, contact, and services:

Last journey understands the pain of losing someone close to your heart. We as a team try to lessen the problems of bereaved families. One of the most difficult tasks after the demise of a beloved family member is, looking for a suitable cremation ground for performing the cremation ritual. People want to choose a place where they can reach conveniently and perform the last rites of the departed soul peacefully. They also look for a cremation ground where their relatives, friends and neighbors can also reach on time. Hence last journey gives you a wide range of cremation grounds in Hyderabad according to your convenience. We keep many things in mind before suggesting a cremation place to our service users like,

  • It should be in the vicinity of family members' residences.
  • The environment and ambiance of the cremation place.
  • Routes where one can avoid traffic rush.
  • Peaceful surroundings so that they can mourn their loss.

Our team provides end-to-end services to grieving families so that they can avoid any kind of discomfort and problem in reaching the place. Last journey team has strong contacts with the authorities of several cremation grounds in Hyderabad. Hence we assure our consumers that they will face no hindrance in performing the cremation ritual of their beloved one.

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