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Asthi Visarjan Services

Asthi Visrajan Services: Pray for spiritual liberation of your loved one while we make arrangments

Asthi Visarjan Services

Asthi Visrajan Services: Pray for spiritual liberation of your loved one while we make arrangments

Asthi Visarjan in Telangana

Our Asthi Visrajan Services offer a sacred space for you to pray for the spiritual liberation of your loved one, while we take care of all the arrangements.

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Effortlessly plan a dignified farewell with our 3-step process - Quick, Reliable, and Hassle-Free.





Despite the COVID situation in Delhi, your team organized for a dignified and graceful farewell of my mother.

Ruchi Sharma

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The prayer meeting organized by the Last Journey captured the personality and essence of my beloved

Sandeep Anand

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I am so thankful for the caring and professional staff they made the process much less overwhelming.

Anirudh Das

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Telangana is a diversified and culturally rich state. The monuments, which bear witness to the fact that Telangana has adapted to India's rich legacy and tradition, have a heritage of ancient kingdoms that developed and prospered into the country's largest dynastic regimes. The state is rich in culture & heritage and you’ll find a number of beautiful lakes for Hindu religious ceremonies after death.  Every Hindu on the planet wishes that his or her mortal remains (Asthi) be immersed after death, according to the Hindu Vedic rite. According to Hindu mythology, Asthi Visarjan in Ganga grants salvation (Moksh) to the deceased, which is why family members do Asthi Visarjan following a person's death. People go from all over the world to Varanasi/Kashi, Haridwar, and Allahabad on a daily basis to immerse their loved ones' cremated remains. When it comes to executing religious ceremonies performed in Telangana, non-resident Indians, or NRIs, confront time and distance issues. Indians living outside of India who need to perform the Hindu religious ceremony of Asthi Visarjan for a loved one do not need to travel to India to do so. Last Journey provides you with the option of having our Brahmin pandits or Hindu priests perform Asthi Visarjan at any of the suggested spots in Telangana, with or without you having to be present.

What is Asthi Visarjan?

The Asthi Visarjan procedure should be performed as soon as possible after a person's death, however, for individuals who reside far from India, it is not practical to travel to these areas immediately after death. They usually carry the ashes with them and conduct the Asthi Visarjan when they have the opportunity to visit these locations. Some people like to scatter their ashes in ponds or the sea, or wherever they feel most at ease. We, at Last Journey, assist anyone who wishes to do Asthi Visarjan at any location in Telangana but is unable to do it physically. At these locations, we perform the Asthi Visarjan on behalf of any family member. We collect the ashes (Asthi) from the deceased person's family and transport them to specific locations in Telangana. We assign a Priest and a servant to the Asthi once it arrives at the spot. Pundit Ji picks up the Asthi package and delivers it to the Ghat/Lake. At the Ghat, the assigned helper gathers all of the items for Asthi Visarjan and transfers the ashes to the clay pot (kalash). After that, our priests perform Asthi pujan at the Ghat, and the process is done.
  1. Transportation from anywhere in Telangana to Asthi Visarjan's location.
We recognise that the bereaved family is already dealing with a range of emotions and stress. We guide you through each and every step of Asthi Visarjan. We provide your family with comfortable and quick transportation as part of our services. We will transport you to your preferred Asthi Visarjan spot in Telangana.
  1. Knowledgable Pandits
Asthi Visarjan process is extremely important because it is your loved one's final farewell. The havans and pujas performed by our experienced pandits are perfect for a soulful departure to your loved one. We will assign you the most knowledgeable Pandit to execute each ceremony as per your caste. They also provide valuable insights that will help you in healing.  
  1. Samagri and Puja Preparations
Since the Asthi Visarjan Services is a religious ceremony, specific holy and auspicious things must be used. The Last Journey crew will make sure that all of the samagri are set up well ahead of time so that the ceremony can be serene. You can trust us for both packaging and quality.  As the asthi arrives at its assigned immersion location, we assign a pandit. The allocated helper collects all of the things for asthi visarjan at the Ghat and transfers the ashes from the bag to the clay pot (kalash). Our pandits then perform Asthi pujan at the Ganga's bank, followed by visarjan.
  1. Cremation Urn for Ash Storage
The Cremation Urn or Pot will hold the remains of your loved one before the immersion during the Asthi Visarjan Services. It's a one-of-a-kind item that should encapsulate the lost one's essence. We have a wide selection of attractive cremation urns and pots for you to choose from. You can have a look at our wide selection of high-quality cremation urns or pots and choose the ones for your loved ones to rest properly.  Our staff in Telangana will personally oversee the process and take images and films to share with the deceased person's family. 
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