Cremation Services

Bid a dignified last farewell!

  1. Cremation/Burial Services for all religions and communities
  2. 24*7 Support of dead body transportation
  3. Bookings and Coordination with Shmashana 
  4. Freezer Box Services in Hyderabad
  5. Expert Priest/Pandit/Purohits for rituals and ceremonies
  6. Arrangement of Antim Sanskar Samagri
  7. Assistance in Asthi Visarjan
  8. Rituals of Karma Kanda by Pandits
  9. AparaKriya and Shraddha Vidhi by the Purohits
  10. Prayer Hall bookings for post-cremation ceremonies
  11. Repatriation Services in Hyderabad
  12. Theme based floral tributes
  13. Supervisor and staff for full-time assistance

How to conduct cremation in Hyderabad?

The cremation or burial service of the lost loved one is one of the most crucial parts of the funeral service hyderabad. It is that last farewell to the body of the deceased. All the rituals must be conducted respectfully. In many religions, the belief is that rituals of cremation must be performed with 24 hours of the demise. Times are tough, and it can difficult to arrange everything at odd hours.

The Last Journey team is experienced in conducting personalized funerals. Our cremation services include dead body transportation services, slot booking at the local shmashana or burial ground, arranging for Pandit and antim sanskar samagri, embellishing of the lost loved one, Conducting the entire post-cremation rituals, assistance in Asthi Visarjan, and much more.

All the services are supervised, and we offer helpers and staff for assistance. To personalize the cremation service, our team does theme-based floral decors at home and the ground for a fitting tribute.

End-to-end Cremation Services in Hyderabad:

  1. Hindhu Smashana Watika
  2. Cremation Ground – Balkampet
  3. Erragadda Crematorium Services
  4. Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam Crematorium
  5. Hindu Smashana Vatika
  6. Hindu Burial Ground
  7. Parsigutta Graveyard
  8. Hindu Electric Crematorium at Amberpet
  9. Hindu Cemetery
  10. Cremation Ground – Shamshabad

We understand how difficult it can get to book a slot, arrange for the samagri, and find a good pandit, amidst those low times. The last Journey takes the entire responsibility to arrange everything for you.

All the required auspicious items are provided by our team which includes the antim sanskar samagri, kapda, shroud, urns, biers, coffin, caskets, and more.

With our experience, our staff will guide you through all the rituals that need to be conducted. The team members will be with you on the ground to help you carry out each task. Last Journey’s cremation service in Hyderabad will fulfil the religious aspects of the funeral, and our team will always be just a call/blink away.

All we want is to bring you a little peace of mind even in difficult times.


Cremation is a process in which the human body is burned to ashes. Some religions, such as Hindus, cremate their loved ones, after which the ashes are immersed in the holy river Ganga. 

At a cremation service, the body of the deceased is brought to the ground in a hearse van. The pandit/priest chants some prayers while the cremation process is carried out. After the service, the ashes are collected and kept in an urn by the grieving family.

The difference between cremation and direct cremation is the timeline between the demise and the cremation. In the case of direct cremation, the body of the deceased is not prepared and is taken immediately to the crematorium. Whereas, for the traditional cremation in Hyderabad, the body is first prepared for viewing that includes embalming and dressing.