Everything you need to know about Embalming

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Embalming is a process used to preserve the body of a person or an animal. By delaying the natural breakdown of cells, embalming forestalls the decomposition of the body. It has been practiced for more than 1000 years now, and the intention is generally to make the lost one look suitable for a religious ceremony or funeral service. 

Another reason for choosing to get your loved one embalmed is to spend more time with them and bid goodbye. It helps bring closure to families who lost their loved ones through traumatic experiences. Seeing your loved one restored gives an appearance of peaceful sleep and wellness.

For embalming, first, the body is prepared. Since it has to pass through surgical procedures, the body is washed with a disinfectant solution. Then the limbs are massaged to relieve the stiffness of the joints. Any kind of bodily or facial hair removal also takes place at this point.

The process consists of two steps. The first is setting the facial features, and the second is arterial or cavity embalming. In the foremost, the eyes of your loved ones are closed using things such as eye caps and glue, which can hold the eyelid in place. The mouth is adjusted in the desired position by securing the lower jaw with wires or sewing. 

Coming to the two types of embalming, arterial embalming involves removing the blood through veins and then replacing it with the embalming solution. The solution is a combination of formaldehyde, ethanol, phenol, glutaraldehyde, methanol, and water, which manages to give a life-like tone to the body. On the other hand, in cavity embalming, a small incision is made in the lower abdomen of the body to drain the gas and fluid content of the body. It is then replaced with formaldehyde-based chemical mixtures.  A surgical instrument called the trocar is used for doing so.  After closing the incision, the body is embalmed. 

If successful embalming can preserve the body for many years, and it is completely a personal choice. There are many funeral providers such as The Last Journey that can help you if you wish to opt for embalming services.

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