Foods you should eat to Increase Productivity

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To achieve our everyday goals both at work and at home, we need fuel to stay efficient and productive. While we love to eat our meals, what is important is that we eat foods that help increase focus, memory, and energizes our mood. What we eat will enter our blood and flow to the brain, so it will ultimately affect the way we think and feel. 

Here are some foods you should eat to increase productivity:

  1. Almonds

Almonds contain healthy fats that control the body’s digestion of sugar and carbs which keeps one’s blood sugar level steady. This helps in keeping your willpower up throughout the day. They are filled with protein, will curb appetite, and are easy to store and pack.

      2. Green Tea

Green tea is a great energy drink as compared to those shelf kept drinks we tend to purchase. It contains an amino acid that helps improve focus and keeps one’s brain alert. Other benefits of green tea include reducing blood pressure, boosting metabolism, improving skin health, and much more. 

      3. Dark Chocolate

Yes, that is correct. Eating dark chocolate is an excellent way of satisfying your sweet tooth and improving focus. It contains a lot of nutrients that will help improve productivity. The magnesium in chocolate also helps relieve stress and anxiety.

       4. Bananas

A single banana contains a lot of glucose to get you through your day. They also help you keep full, which prevents you from overeating and reducing your productivity. Other benefits of bananas include improving digestive health, supports heart health, and helps moderate blood sugar levels. 

        5. Berries

Berries being rich in antioxidants are excellent for increasing memory. They are high in fiber and help curb food cravings. Filled with nutrients, they are considered to be one of the healthiest foods on earth. Not only do they help improve blood sugar levels, but they are also good for the skin.

      6. Avocados

The healthy fats in avocados protect the cardiovascular system and enhance the flow of blood to the brain. This helps in increasing and stabilizing productivity throughout the day. They are loaded with heart-healthy acids and fiber, keeping people who eat them much healthier. 

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