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Honouring loved ones on special days

Honouring loved ones on special days
Honouring loved ones on special days


06 September, 2021

Honouring loved ones on special days

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The important and special days following the loss of a beloved family member, or a friend can be very arduous. While these moments of celebrations bring with them a lot of happy vibes, hope, and values, for those who are in grief the special days can be more of a trigger. When the grief is fresh, the holiday can remind us of their absence in our lives and the emptiness that accompanies it. We tend to miss them being physically present with us in all those years of celebrations.

Just as for the holidays, special days like birthdays and anniversaries can be heartwarming as well as wistful. This is because they trigger memories and feelings of both loss and good times. To deal with important days healthily, see them as an opportunity to honour the lost loved one. You can talk about your love for the lost soul, share it with family, and find ways to cherish those memories forever.

Here are some ways to honour the lost loved one on special days:

  1. Share heartwarming or funny stories with your loved ones
  2. Include the deceased’s favourite dish, song, or activity as a part of the celebration
  3. Make donations to charities/organizations whose cause was close to the heart of the lost loved one
  4. Visit the cemetery and have a heartfelt talk with them
  5. Plan a trip to the lost loved one’s favourite place and make a family outing from it
  6. Create a memorial like a stuffed animal or a blanket from the belongings of the lost one
  7. Make a photo memory booth or capsule that you can revisit every special day
  8. Invite friends and family over for a potluck
  9. Hold a celebration of life event. Inculcate eulogies, activities, and favourite foods.
  10. Light a candle in remembrance
  11. Dedicate a bench, memorial object, or plant a tree in their memory
  12. Arrange for a prayer meet at a place of worship or donate food to those in need
  13. Establish a fund or scholarship in the name of the lost loved one
  14. Take care of yourself. You can either have a rest in day, attend some workshop, or support group.


We believe that there is no right way to grieve, honour, or spend special days including birthdays and holidays. As per your personal space of mind, you can consider your options and do the thing that feels the most meaningful to you. After all, your relationship was unique.


Share with us some ideas of how you honoured the lost loved one!


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