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How to Book a Slot at Gas Crematoriums at the Last Minute?

How to Book a Slot at Gas Crematoriums at the Last Minute?
How to Book a Slot at Gas Crematoriums at the Last Minute?


10 February, 2022

How to Book a Slot at Gas Crematoriums at the Last Minute?

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  1. Easy Slot Available
  2. Flexible timing
  3. Quick Process
  4. Low Budget

The loss of a loved one is a difficult to bear experience. When we lose a loved one, we deal with a slew of additional issues that come with it, whether we want to or not. One of them is conducting solemn funeral rites. This includes cremation of your loved one and sticking to all mourning rites. 

According to many religions, the cremation of the deceased should take place within 24 hours. The ceremony is significant since it is the last farewell to the deceased’s body. By adorning your loved one’s grave, you can pay a fitting tribute to them. 

Nowadays, CNG and LPG Crematoriums are growing in popularity due to their help in protecting the environment, as they are less polluting than traditional cremation. As most of these crematoriums offer safer, quicker, and less costly funerals, we’ll be seeing more of them around in future. However, getting a slot at a CNG and LPG crematorium can be difficult and may end up making you even more stressed. 

What is a Gas Crematorium?

A gas crematorium is used for cremation. They’re built with one or two cremation furnaces. Though the time required for gas cremation varies from body to body, on average, a body must be cremated in 45 minutes. One human body can be cremated at a time in the gas crematorium’s cremation furnace. The retort is the cremation chamber where the body is put. The cremation furnace is made of heat-resistant refractory and fire bricks.

Gas crematorium: How it Work

During the gas cremation process, the majority of the body (organs and tissues) is vaporised and oxidised by the intense fire and heat; the gas is then discharged to a gas cleansing system, where it is properly treated, and the smoke is expelled through the stack chimney, with the water being discharged to an effluent treatment plant.

We, at Last Journey, recognise how difficult it might be to find a cremation ground and get a spot at the last minute. Here are a few steps that you can follow:

  • Call for Assistance

Most of the time the online booking system for the Gas crematoriums is inaccessible with slow servers. You can reach out to 07827777889 if you aren’t able to book a session online. Last Journey’s team will assist you in booking a slot at the Gas crematoriums of your choice. Once booked, the team will be in touch with you throughout the process. 

  • Book for Transportation

You’ll need a highly competent transportation service to take your loved one to their final resting place. Last Journey’s dead body transportation service includes a hearse van that will transfer your loved one from your home to the gas crematorium site. A fully air-conditioned van with a professional driver and attendant is included. Our vans also transport your other family members, as this is a very emotional experience. We will do our best to accommodate any of your special requests as well. 

  • Walk through the Rituals

Upon reaching the crematorium, the team making the final arrangements will walk you through the rituals and process of cremation. You may sign some paperwork authorising the crematory to proceed. Other important rituals include, cleansing the body, removal of medical equipment and prosthesis or battery-operated equipment, and placing the body into the chamber. The body is subsequently cremated in the designated chamber, known as a cremation chamber or retort, leaving only ashes left. After the process, the remains must be allowed to cool before being handled.

Why are CNG & LPG Crematoriums becoming more preferable? 

CNG & LPG Crematoriums are on the rise these days as a result of:

They are Less Expensive: Gas cremation is less expensive as compared to traditional cremation, and all of the typical responsibilities are also taken care of. 

More Space for Customization: This is for the collection and dispersal of the deceased’s remains because there is greater room for personalisation.

Increased Environmental Awareness:  The chamber runs on CNG/LPG, coserves wood, and according to experts, emits 90% less pollution than a funeral pyre. 

Religious Attachments: We can see that a large number of people prefer gas crematoriums over burials as well.

Flexible timings: Since family members are stationed all over the world, this method is even preferable if the deceased did not arrange anything at the last minute. 

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