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How to Transport a Dead Body By Air Transport? 8 Things You Must Know!

How to Transport a Dead Body By Air Transport? 8 Things You Must Know!
How to Transport a Dead Body By Air Transport? 8 Things You Must Know!


04 March, 2022

How to Transport a Dead Body By Air Transport? 8 Things You Must Know!

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It’s not uncommon for people to pass away while being away from their loved ones. Transporting a deceased back to his or her home can be a dreadful as well as a costly undertaking. Here is how you can transport the deceased back to their home by Air Cargo and ten things you should know. Check out our dead body transportation page to learn more about transferring a dead body or human remains. Last Journey will assist you in learning more about funerals and how to plan them.

Dead Body Transportation Within Indian Cities

Arrange for air cargo clearance clearances and papers.

1. Death certificate and hospital clearance

The process of domestic Bereavement services in India ask for the required doctor to issue a Death Certificate or hospital clearance specifying the reason for death and whether the patient was Covid positive or not. To avoid problems with air cargo clearance, ensure sure the certificate is written in English rather than a local language.

In the event of unnatural death, arrangements for documents such as a post mortem certificate and a police department FIR are required.

Before scheduling the air cargo, the family should be aware of the cause of death, as the transportation process for some causes of death, such as yellow fever, plague, and Covid, may vary or there may be additional criteria.

2. An official letter of authorization from the local police station

To transfer the deceased in a cargo flight, you may need to travel to a police station in the local area and request a NOC.

They may inquire about the dead and the circumstances behind his or her death.

3. Certificate of embalming from the embalming service

By removing body fluids and replacing them with particular chemicals, the embalming procedure tries to prevent and slow down the decomposition of the human body. This service is required for both international and domestic transportation of the deceased.

Embalming is done professionally and with high quality at many government and private hospitals. The required signed and sealed certificate will be used by the applicable authorities and the doctor.

4. Service and certificate for Funeral boxes

The next step is to choose a professional undertaker who can help with coffin box arrangements. Your loved ones will be sealed and packaged in a coffin box to ensure that they are transported safely. The undertaker will give a coffin box certificate for air freight clearance after the final examination.

5. Identification Card and Photographs

You’ll need an ID like an Adhaar Card, a driver’s license, or any similar document to acquire clearance from air cargo.

Carrying a Deceased Person Internationally By Air transport

The procedure for international air cargo services in India is similar to that for domestic dead body transportation. There are a few more paperwork and procedures that need to be set up. You can use the services of Last Journey air transportation for a stress-free transfer of your loved one.

Documents needed for international dead body transfer:

  1. Arrangement of all medical and legal documentation in accordance with destination state standards.
  2. An embalming certificate is necessary for air freight clearance, and the deceased should be embalmed.
  3. NOC or clearance from the consulate of the concerned nation.
  4. The local health authorities may require a death certificate or hospital clearance.
  5. The deceased’s officially cancelled passport by the appropriate state authorities.
  6. Clearance or NOC provided by the local police authorities. 
  7. If a passenger is travelling with you, you’ll need a confirmed ticket, and if you don’t, you’ll need consent from the destination.
  8. The ID of the individual for transit.

The cost of air transporting a deceased person varies depending on a number of criteria. The following are some of the factors:

  1. The weight of the body, as well as the location of the destination airport, are important factors in determining the cost of transporting human remains by air. The provider will state the charges in your situation.
  2. The cost of embalming as well as the cost of the coffin box The cost of shipping a deceased person by plane will vary depending on the condition of the coffin box and the fees charged by a private embalming business.
  3. Costs of a mortuary and an ambulance. The cost of dead body transfer by plane varies depending on what mortuary centres charge for storage and transportation.
  4. Charges for air cargo and airline tickets. The cost of transporting human remains varies depending on the carrier. The cost will vary depending on the airline you choose. If there will be a companion, the cost of the ticket will play a significant part in determining the total price.

Here are 8 things you must know when transporting a deceased by Air transport:

1. The Body is Carried in The Cargo 

The “recognised service” will place the deceased in a specific container and transport the body to the air cargo hold. On the other hand, the funeral service will be a great help for transporting the container to the final destination. 

2.Transporting a Deceased Can Be a Very Complex Process. 

The cost of shipping a deceased person is determined by the distance, weight, and mode of delivery. You also have to require other things, like a container, documents, freezing for a mortuary, etc. All this could take a huge toll and may also get heavy on your pocket. For a smooth process, we would recommend you to have a detailed conversation with your funeral director so they could help you smoothen out the process. 

3.It’s Difficult To Arrange Dead Body Transportation Alone

Dead remains can be transported by most airlines, but you’ll need to arrange with a funeral director or a specialised transport business. The TSA must classify the shipper as a “known shipper.” A large number of funeral services like Last Journey are trusted professionals and have been approved as known shippers.

4. It is Possible That You May Require More Help.

If you can’t drive the distance and must fly or take the train, say in a country like India, you’ll almost certainly require the services that are professional enough on the front end and international or domestic air cargo services in India.  

5.International Transportation can Sometimes be Difficult.

The laws of different countries differ greatly. Begin by contacting a “recognised shipper,” such as a funeral home or a funeral director. International air cargo services in India will help you be well-versed in the specifications. You might also contact the deceased’s embassy or consulate in the nation they were visiting.

6. Driving a Dead Body or Air Transportation Could Be The Easiest Way 

The actual cost is determined by the weight and distance travelled. For trips greater than 50 miles, funeral services often charge per mile. If you wish to transport the body yourself, be sure you know the rules in the state you’re moving it to. Any inquiries you may have can be answered by a funeral home.

7. Some States Require Different Protocols Than The Other

If you’re about to travel within the country, keep in mind the different set of restrictions each state would have to transport dead bodies. For example, some states require embalming, or refrigeration of the body while others may have some other set of rules. 

8. Transporting Cremated Remains Require Different Arrangements

Transporting cremated ashes is subject to rules and regulations, but the paperwork and technicalities are far less involved than relocating a body. You may require a specific urn if you fly, but you can also utilise the Postal services of the specific countries.

There are numerous things to deal with when someone passes away. We usually advise making preparations ahead of time for when the time comes. Using Last Journey’s Funeral Services will provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your end-of-life preferences will be carried out exactly as you wish. If you lose a loved one away from home, air transportation can be both cost-effective and time-consuming. We’d recommend you to take the help of a professional funeral service for a worry-free process.

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