How to distract yourself from stress?

December 15, 2020 0 Comments
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Stress is the physical and emotional tension that certain circumstances cause. As an emotion, it is important to feel stress, because it makes us work more and in the right direction. But the problem comes when stress has a prolonged effect. In such cases, it doesn’t allow one to forget even when those moments have passed away, which can severe consequences on your well being. 

You may feel that distraction is temporary and that it will do no good, but in reality, it can help to remove your focus from strong emotion. When we overthink a situation and stress, we feel more out of control. Therefore, by temporality distracting yourself, you can decrease the intensity of stress.

Here are a few constructive ways to distract yourself from stress:

  1. Recall something in your life you’re grateful for. When in stress, we often tend to indulge more in negative thinking and stop being grateful for what we have. Take a moment to stop and be thankful. It will help distract and give a new perspective. 
  2. Exercise, do yoga, or dance. Focusing your attention on your body can allow you to be more present and feel more confident and positive in life.
  3. Read a good book. Reading can help distract your thoughts, and in the process, you can learn.
  4. Do some house chores such as cleaning, washing the dishes, or doing laundry. Some self-time cleaning can prove to be therapeutic.
  5. Write. Journaling your thoughts every day, even for a while can help you pour out your feelings. Instead of overthinking, you will be able to let it out all at once. 
  6. Let out that creativity. We all are creative in different ways. Paint a picture, build a model, and play that song. 
  7. Meditate or practice mindfulness. Mindfulness means being present in the current moment. Try to practice it in each of your activity or simply start by meditating.
  8. Use entertainment to distract. Watching a feel-good movie or something funny can help in boosting your mood. Some content tends to have a great positive impact on us.
  9. Call up friends and family or visit them. Being with your loved ones is a healthy distraction from upsetting thoughts. Loving and being loved is one of the most beautiful feelings.
  10. Volunteer in your free time. Using your skills and time for a worthy cause is the way to go. It will help you realize that there are so many people who are in more difficult situations than you and that you can give so much to the world by just being there.

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