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How to Stay Motivated in Life after facing Loss?

How to Stay Motivated in Life after facing Loss?
How to Stay Motivated in Life after facing Loss?


21 July, 2021

How to Stay Motivated in Life after facing Loss?

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The universal truth of life is the loss of our loved ones. Whoever has come on this earth, has to go one day or another. Every human goes through the pain of it at some stage in their life. While the feeling may be universal, each experience with it is different and unique. Some people are more easily able to cope with it, and others make take their own time. We need to understand that there is no right or wrong when it comes to the pain of loss.

However sad, there are many ways that we as individuals can adopt which will help us to stay motivated. Though grief is circular, staying motivated in life is important for us as well as for our loved ones.

1. Surround yourself with supportive and positive people

Especially when dealing with sudden demise, it can be difficult to accept reality. You can face various emotions including anger, sadness, and pain. At this time it is important to stay with the support of your loved ones. You can let out your emotions to the right people who will listen and provide you with the emotional support you need. While it may be difficult, it gives one a chance to be grateful for the people you have.

2. Take care of your health

When dealing with grief, your body goes through a lot of changes. Your whole body including your mind is processing the pain. One of the most important things is to nurture it the right way so that you physically have the strength to pass through this phase. Take care of your eating habits and do some physical activity.

3. Go out and Travel

Sometimes it can become difficult to stay in that very place where you have so many memories. A little change can help you stay motivated. You can go out of the city and try new experiences. It also gives us a sense of how there is so much more in life. 

4. Pick up a hobby/Channel yourself towards your passion

Many people tell the story of how they turned their pain into motivation. While it is natural to go through different feelings and emotions, if we try to channelize those emotions into something meaningful, we can help ourselves as well as others. You can take up a hobby you always wanted to or work towards your passions. Moving forward only means that we are valuing the gift that has been given to us that is living.

5. Dedicate yourself to fulfill the wishes of the lost one

The lost one too may have had some dreams and aspirations for themselves or you. By pursuing those you are making sure that their essence is still present and that your love for them will always be there.

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