How to Transport Human Remains from Mumbai to Uttrakhand?

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On India’s west coast, Mumbai is a highly populated metropolis. There are people commuting to Mumbai from nearby cities like Pune, Kalyan, Nashik, Ahmednagar, and others. There are also people travelling to Mumbai from faraway states and cities such as Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Uttrakhand. People come to the city of dreams for many reasons including education, job opportunities, medical treatment and other things. With this many people residing in the city, the number of death rates might be quite high as well. Mumbai is the sixth most dangerous city in terms of traffic accidents, implying that the city requires more ambulances.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the procedure and answer all the commonly asked questions regarding dead body transportation from Mumbai to Uttrakhand Dehradun.

Following are the most common questions asked by family members who’ve lost a loved one in Mumbai: 

  1. What should I do if my loved one has passed away in Mumbai?
  2. Whom should I contact to bring my deceased loved one back to their hometown?
  3. What is the procedure to transport a dead body from Mumbai to Uttrakhand?
  4. How do I make sure the last rites will take place on time?

We’ve answered every question one-by-one below. Please make sure you read through them carefully. 

What to do after your loved one has passed away in Mumbai?

When we lose someone we love, the world around us comes to a halt. To deal with this issue, we must first calm down and consider the next course of action. The first step is to contact the individual who is concerned and advise them of the problem. Make a plan for where the body will be carried or transferred.

Who to contact to bring the deceased body back to their hometown? 

We understand how hard-hitting the news of your loved one can be for you. During such difficult times, you wouldn’t be in the right state of mind to look over the documents and arrangements for transporting your loved one’s body. In these situations, you can contact Last Journey. We are a reliable Funeral Service Provider in India who can equip you with the best facilities and transport vehicles at competitive prices. As soon as you contact us, we try to provide prompt assistance for a mortuary ambulance. We deliver dependable service without taking advantage of the situations. Call the Last Journey team at +917827777889 to schedule the services.

What is the procedure to transport a dead body from Mumbai to Uttrakhand?

In this instance, the most critical procedure to perform is a postmortem. We’ll make arrangements to go to the nearest hospital and have a postmortem performed there. The incident will then be reported to the nearest police station, which will get a postmortem report.

A deceased person can be conveyed in one of two ways:

  1. Transportation of the Dead by Road
  2. Transportation of the Dead by Air
  • Road Transport of Dead Bodies from Mumbai:

Last Journey will assist you in gathering all necessary documentation once the doctor has confirmed death. If the dead body must be transferred within 500-600 kilometres of Mumbai, we prefer to carry it via road. To avoid decomposition, the body will be transferred from Mumbai to another location in a freezer-equipped mortuary truck (Dead Body Vehicle with Freezer Box) at a low cost.

  • Transporting a Dead Body by Air from Bangalore to Uttrakhand:

Last Journey’s on-ground ambulance will transport the deceased to the nearest domestic airport after completing the necessary paperwork (mortuary ambulance).

Documents that must be ready for the deceased body to be flown out of Mumbai:

  1. The hospital issued a death certificate.
  2. A letter of authorization from the local police force.
  3. Certificate of Embalming
  4. Certificate for the Coffin Box
  5. A photograph and an identification card (original passport, driver’s licence, or Adhaar card) issued by the appropriate authority.
  6. The person who will receive the coffin at the destination’s contact information and address.
  7. No Objection Certificate

Important: Make sure the documents are in English and please have atleast 6 photocpoies of each. 

Last Journey will help you in arranging these air cargo documents. One the cargo clearance is done, we will send the mortuary ambulance to transport the dead body to the destination. All these complete procedures will be taken care by our team itself without any delay and will be done at the best price.

How to make sure the last rites happen on time?

Funeral Service is a culture that honours and remembers the deceased via numerous monuments, prayers, and rituals.

Choose a location for cremation:

Cremate a person in the city of death (Mumbai) or in the city of his or her birth (Uttrakhand).

In Mumbai, how do you choose the type of funeral service you require?

  1. Electric Cremation
  2. Wood Burning Cremation

When Last Journey receives a request for a funeral service in Mumbai or any other city in India, we will verify the death certificate and other paperwork, look for a nearby cremation facility, and make a slot reservation. We appoint the priest and proceed with the rest of the processes based on the caste. If the deceased is a woman, we shall investigate her marital status and proceed as necessary.

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