Ambulance Services

  • Dead Body Ambulance Services

    Coping with the loss of a loved one is one of the most terrible experiences a person can have, and organising their funeral and last rites may be even more difficult. Even in these difficult times, certain things are essential. The most critical of these jobs is to arrange for an ambulance or other mode of transportation for patients or the mortal remains.

    The Last Journey understands how difficult it can be to know what to do next. That is why they are there to assist you at every step!

  • Reliable Transportation Services

    We understand that everyone should be transported to their final resting place. There are also rules governing the transportation of mortal remains, whether people die in their own bed or abroad. You’ll need a few paperwork to put together, as well as transportation plans to decide on and costs to consider. When it comes to transferring the deceased, we will organise all of the paperwork and devise a strategy at the most reasonable cost. Our services give you a variety of solutions for meeting your needs in the most efficient way possible. You have the option of using our ambulance, hearse, mortuary van, or rail services.

  • 24 Hours Ambulance Service

    Funeral arrangements are difficult to manage nowadays since there are so many components to the process. There’s a good likelihood that a bereaved family will be stumped as to where to begin. This could lead to you making a mistake by relying on relatives or neighbours to organise transportation for the burial ritual. As a result, you may completely rely on the Last Journey, who not only understands the transportation standards and language but is also aware of and in control of the procedure.

  • ICU Ambulance with Doctors

    We will give highly competent emergency and urgent transportation services for critical patients as well as mortal remains in order to preserve their lives in life-threatening situations and to provide urgent and emergency medical aid/requirements. We can help you get from your house to any hospital or from the hospital to any preferred location, whether you need air-conditioned transportation or ICU support. For the patient’s comfort, we can also supply ambulances with the support of expert doctors and nurses. Our services are of the highest quality and meet industry requirements.

    We can also arrange for a concerned hospital mortuary if some of your family are coming from overseas for that period.