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Is it Legal and Safe to Transport a Deceased Body on Your Own?

Is it Legal and Safe to Transport a Deceased Body on Your Own?
Is it Legal and Safe to Transport a Deceased Body on Your Own?


01 June, 2023

Is it Legal and Safe to Transport a Deceased Body on Your Own?

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In many states carrying the deceased body of your loved one is completely legal. Close family members and friends are not required to include any licensed or authorized team of Funeral directions in the transportation of the deceased body of your beloved one.

But different nations follow different rules and procedures for the self-transportation of a deceased body by family or friends.

Have a look at the lawful activities of some major countries like the India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and South Africa that determine the essential things regarding the transportation and final rites of the deceased person.

Self-transportation of Dead bodies rules in India

The Indian consulate issues a No objection certificate for the kin/friend/ family members of the deceased person who are willing to transport the body.

You also required the followings,

  • Fill the Death registration Form, only for Indians
  • Death certificate
  • Burial/cremation permit
  • No communicable disease certificate
  • Embalming
  • Flight details and information of the receiver.

Ways of self-transportation in California, USA?

In the USA, the deceased body can be taken by his/her caretaker, spouse, adult child, parents, siblings, close kin or a conservator whom the deceased person appointed for the estate. Apart from it you are also allowed to create an advance directive regarding your final rites and include the name or relation of the person who can take your deceased body to the home.

Must follow points before self-transportation in the 

Before initiating the legal process of self-transportation or transportation of a deceased body without the funeral direction team, one must fulfill the below-given requirements in the USA.

  • The deceased body must be embalmed by an authorized doctor and if the person died due to any contagious disease, you must consult a doctor before the embalming process of the body.
  • The person who is participating in the self-transportation of the deceased body must file for the issuing of the death certificate. It should also be signed by an authorized senior doctor.
  • Taking permission from the local authorities (police) for transporting the dead body is mandatory. Without a permission letter, no cemetery or cremation place will accept the body in the USA.


Laws of self-transportation in the United Kingdom ( Britain)

The legal way to transport the dead body of a beloved family member in the UK includes the below-mentioned points.

  1. Verification of the death – According to English laws any adult person can verify the death of the person. The current guidelines require the person to take the help of video calls in the case of verification enabling.
  2. Take good care of the deceased body – During the self-transportation of the deceased body the person must know about the dead body’s care measures. Keeping the body temperature cool and embalming come under the basic care method of the deceased body.
  3. Complete the paperwork – After preparing the deceased body ready to transport, you can head toward the legal paperwork regarding self-transportation. The healthcare agent of the deceased person will arrange the death certificate, Medical certificate of cause of death ( MCCD) and Form 100A. You can also collect them from the concerned departments.
  4. Registration of the death – The death must be registered within five days after the demise at the registered office in the UK. In the case of transportation, you should make it done as soon as possible.

The regulations on the transportation of the deceased body in Canada

One must follow the given guidelines while participating in the transportation of dead bodies without a funeral direction team in Canada.

  • If you are utilizing airways in transporting the dead body, provide all the necessary documents to the airline authority. These crucial documents include death certificate and NOC etc.
  • The deceased body or human remains must be carried inside a sealed casket, container or coffin box. A securing fabric should also be wrapped around the coffin or casket.
  • Before the confirmation of coffin transportation, you are not allowed to book your ticket.

Guidelines for interstate repatriation in Australia

If one has decided to tackle the transportation process by self in Australia, he or she must know the following rules.

  • First, make an agreement with the family regarding the transportation of dead bodies to the funeral home or a licensed storage place.
  • Contact the included insurance company for the payment of funeral plans.
  • Take safety measures for the deceased body like embalming and placing it inside the sealed coffin box.
  • Collect all the necessary documents that can make you able to attain clearance for the self-transportation of the dead body.

In South Africa

To follow a proper procedure of body transportation from South Africa to any other country by yourself, you must follow the below-given rules.

  • Abridged death certificate
  • Valid id of the deceased person
  • Burial order
  • Embalming certificate
  • Repatriation cost details

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