What to wear at a funeral Service?

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Funerals are a somber occasion. One should dress up appropriately concerning the atmosphere. In most cases, the attire for a funeral depends on the culture or the religion of the bereaving family. We must follow the conventional etiquettes to pay our condolences and respect to the family of the lost one. 

As per the different cultures, here are the dressing up conventions that you can follow.

What to wear at a Hindu Funeral?

The clothes worn at a  Hindu Funeral are conservative and simple. Your clothing should be plain white, but nothing too fashionable. For women, the head, shoulders, arms, and knees should be covered. You can wear open-toed shoes and a bare minimum of jewellery. And most importantly, offer your prayers and condolences to the bereaved family with full respect.


What to wear at an Islamic Funeral?

The dress code at Islamic Funerals is mostly modest. Men should wear a shirt and trousers. Women must wear an ankle-length skirt with a long sleeve and high neck shirt. It is a compulsory tradition for women to wear a headscarf. Since shoes are supposed to be removed before prayer, it is better to wear a clean pair of socks.


What to wear at a Christian Funeral?

In a Christian Funeral, you want to be dressed in along the same lines as other mourners. For men, a business suit in a muted color with a simple pattern is appropriate. You can wear casual or formal shoes to go with the attire. Avoid jeans, short-sleeved shirts, flip-flops, and sneakers. Women can wear formal attire such as a suit with a skirt or pants. Any dark solid color is a safe choice to go. It is preferred that most of the skin is covered, and a bare minimum of makeup and jewellery is applied. 


What to wear at a Buddhist Funeral?

As per the Buddhists point of view, the mourners are expected to dress up in simple clothing. According to the specific traditions followed, people are expected either to wear black clothing or white clothing. It is better to take the advice of the bereaved family or the funeral director before the service. 


What to wear at a Jewish Funeral?

The Jewish funeral attire varies. Modest and formal clothes such as business attire, dresses, and suits of black or dark colors are considered appropriate. One can wear a simple cardigan or sweater as a layer. All the men must cover their heads with a Yarmulkes as a part of their tradition.

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