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Seven Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone Who is Covid Positive

Seven Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone Who is Covid Positive
Seven Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone Who is Covid Positive


03 September, 2021

Seven Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone Who is Covid Positive

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With an increase in the virus’s rate and the number of people infected with it, there is a huge chance that our loved ones, friends, or acquaintances may have an encounter with it. Getting infected with this still unknown disease is no joke, and its symptoms vary for those who are mildly, moderately, or severely affected. The contagious nature of this illness makes things even worse, as one has to take care of themselves in isolation.

If you know someone infected, you might want to drop in a message enquiring about their health or just some good wishes. Remember that getting infected with Covid-19 can take a huge toll on mental health, and hence you should be more sensitive and aware before saying just anything.

With some research, here is a list of seven things you shouldn’t say to someone who is Covid Positive:

1.    How did you get infected?

There is still a lot of research going on regarding the Covid-19 virus. Unless the patient is sure that they interacted with another positive patient even they might know where did they catch it from. These are questions even doctors may not be able to answer, so it’s wise not to bother the patient.

2.    Are you sure you’ve got it?

The only sure way to know if you are positive or not is to get the test done. But if a family member or a friend is isolating because of the occurrence of symptoms instead of questioning them, you should be supportive of their decision and help them get their daily chores done.

3.    You should have been more careful

A person infected with the Covid19 virus is already suffering physically and mentally. On top of that, if we give such advice or comments it will only make things harder for the patient. Even the most cautious person who practices all the precautions might catch the virus. It is wrong to blame at such times.

4.    Why didn’t you tell me you got COVID?

A patient doesn’t need to tell each and everyone about their illness. As long as they notify the people they came in contact with and take timely advice from doctors, it is more than enough during that time. Informing all friends and family can stir up more than necessary stress.

5.    At least you can have some time off work

Getting infected with covid is not a fun day leave. The patient may be going through various symptoms and taking care of themselves all alone. It was not their wish to have such leaves, and they might even get overloaded with work after their return. So be understanding and instead offer your help.

6.    It’s good you’ve got it over and done with

No one likes to get sick. Many types of research have shown that those who get infected might have long term effects on their body. It is a disease that can have an everlasting impact both physically and mentally.

7.    You’re lucky you’ve got the antibodies now

Just because someone got infected once doesn’t imply that they have antibodies and cannot catch it again. Everyone has to follow the same precautions, and no one is lucky to have gotten infected with the virus.

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