Simple and unique funeral decor ideas for a meaningful service

January 13, 2021 0 Comments
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While the traditional funeral that has been conducted for ages holds a lot of value and essence, the new concept of personalized funerals has become a standard. People realize that the life of their lost one should be celebrated and that their story should be told uniquely. 

Whether you’re arranging a funeral for your loved one or pre-planning your funeral, this list of simple and unique funeral decor ideas will help you create a meaningful service. 

  1. Entrance Decorations

A plaque with a photograph of the deceased on an easel should be placed at the entrance. Seeing a beautiful and well-decorated entrance, can spark memories and allow the guests to remember the lost one. Some green plants and decor items can be put around it to make it more natural and lively.

Add a guest book to make the event more special.

     2. Personalized Memorial Display

A memorial display is essential for any funeral service. You can even set up different tables representing the different phases in the life of the deceased. Some other ideas include uniquely displaying photos, writing quotes and words on stones, growing a memorial tree, creating a memory capsule, and presenting a tribute video.

     3. Elegant decor seating/tables/catering

Try and go for theme-based funerals that are in accordance with the deceased person’s passions and interests. Usually, tables and chairs are decorated with cloth covering, ribbons, and flowers for an elegant look. 

Add the favourite food items and beverages that the lost soul may have been known to love. 

      4. Participative and interactive activities

Each person had a different relationship with the lost one. In order to honor each one of them and to make the service more interactive include some participative activities.

  1. Create a fun puzzle with questions about the loved one’s favourite things and interests
  2. Play the favourite games of the deceased or any sport close to their heart
  3. Share eulogies and funny stories along with others
  4. Release lamps/bubbles/butterflies

      5. Gift and mementos for guests

We want the lost soul to be always remembered and their love to be present everywhere. To do that you can give out gifts and mementos to all the guests. It can include plants, seeds to sow, goodie bags, charms, funeral jewellery, or any other personalized item.

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