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The Meaning and Purpose of a Funeral Service

The Meaning and Purpose of a Funeral Service
The Meaning and Purpose of a Funeral Service


22 July, 2021

The Meaning and Purpose of a Funeral Service

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The beginning of our lives is celebrated with the utmost happiness and joy. Our first walk, our first speech, our birthdays, marriage anniversaries, achievements are not only a marked day but are commemorated with beautifully organized events and parties. 

Similarly, the passing away of a loved one, however sad, is the transition of life not only for the lost soul but also for the family and friends dealing with grief. As per the personal beliefs or the values of the religion that one follows, different rituals are conducted. The service is to honor the lost one and also for the satisfaction of those left behind.

Purpose of a Funeral Service – 

     1. Acceptance

It is only when we accept the reality of the demise of our loved one that we can start with the process of grieving. A funeral service is the first step to that. We arrange for the service, inform others, prepare the body of our loved one, and attend the funeral. It is a chance for us to confront and accept reality along with our family. 

     2. Honor and Remember.

One of the main elements of a funeral service is to remember the lost one and honor their lives. A Funeral service provides a safe place for us to remember the memories, both good and bad, with the lost one. It helps in transitioning the relationship from one of reality to one of the memories. Also, through speeches and eulogies, we honor the lost one and showcase how much they meant to all of us. 

     3. Support

Funeral services are public announcements of the demise of a person. It allows for all the mourners to come together and support each other. When one attends a funeral service, you let the family of the bereaved know that they are not alone in their grief. It becomes a source of comfort and strength to the close family of the lost one. Physical presence says much more than words. 

     4. Develops a New Self-Identity

 A Funeral service provides a public venue for the indirect announcement of our new social status. We end one relationship in our life and set to mark another journey. For example, if you were the parent of a child and your child passes away, you start your new life as a former parent. This also serves as a means for your other relations to support you and be there for you. 

     5. Meaning

When someone dies, we are bound to think about the meaning and purpose of life. Our thoughts get filled with questions, such as what is life? What happens after death? Why did our loved one have to go? It is good to look for the answers. It allows us to make our own beliefs and values, which can help us live life more properly, and also can help us heal from grief.

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