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What do I need to do if an Indian dies in Tanzania

What do I need to do if an Indian dies in Tanzania
What do I need to do if an Indian dies in Tanzania


07 October, 2022

What do I need to do if an Indian dies in Tanzania

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Tanzania is considered a home to nature-rich scenic views such as mountains, wildlife etc. Along with these Tanzania is also famous for metals, gems and gases. Hence the chances of business options and carrier growth also increase. People attract to this country and they choose to reside here. But life is not certain, while residing in Tanzania many Indians die due to several reasons. Bringing them back home and registering the death becomes a difficult task for family members. But here we are going to make you aware of all the small things that one should keep in mind while tackling such a situation.

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Handling the entire situation on one’s responsibility may be very tough in a devastating time. We recommend you choose a service organization that is completely aware of the rules and regulations of Tanzania. The  Last journey is one of those helping and leading organizations. This organization assures the people that they will face the least obstacles during the proceedings of legislative work.

Step -1- First, report the death of an Indian person in Tanzania.

This is the prior step one should take in any foreign country if a family member or close person dies there. Nearly all countries follow the same rules regarding the reporting of death so in Tanzania one should keep these points in mind while reporting the unfortunate incident to the authorities.

  1. For releasing a consular report of death abroad of the departed person, reporting the death in the embassy or consulate of both countries is very important. Only this legal proceeding helps in the issuance of the consular report of death abroad.
  2. Without reporting the incident nobody can access the legal matters after demise.
  3. As it is a mandatory document in the entire procedure, do not forget to keep at least 10 xerox copies of it. These copies are required to submit to the important departments.
  4. If there is a delay in reaching Tanzania country one can inform the embassies through email services. The person can email the concerned Tanzanian and Indian embassy directly.
  5. If someone is bothering with the contact details of concerned embassies, then they can shrug off their worries because the last journey organization provides every minute detail about them.

Step-2- The important documents must be arranged for getting the consular report of death abroad.

One can not acquire the consular report of death abroad, only by verbal detailing like time of death, place of death and reason of death. It is required to submit some documents for getting this from the authoritarians. Those important documents are given below.

  1. The document which is majorly important for the consular report of death abroad is a death certificate. It is important to submit the death certificate first to the embassy with all correct details filled in it. It should be original and it is issued by the concerned hospital or local Tanzanian authority.
  2. The death certificate should be authentic. The reason, time, and place must be mentioned in that document and it should be signed by the head of the hospital or concerned doctor.
  3. For residing in other countries, a passport plays a major role. So it must be terminated after the demise and before the release of a consular report of death abroad. The original passport is also required with the death certificate while applying for the consular report.

Step-3-  How do the remains of a person disposed of in Tanzania?

The family members always wish that they can take part in the final rites of their loved ones. The repatriation process is also available by the last journey but due to some inexplicable reasons, one needs to perform the last rites in a foreign land. The process and rules of disposition of human remains are as follows.

  1. Firstly the embassy of Tanzania asks for the final rites from the close kin of the deceased person. They ask about the disposition of the body through cremation or burial usually. They also allow close family members during the last rites. They make sure the presence of the local authority and police of the locality where the person was residing.
  2. They also provide embalming services to the body because the legal procedure takes abundant time in issuing documents. Along with the embalming service, they also render a coffin and freezing van for the deceased person’s body.

What if a person dies under Covid circumstances?

The covid infection has hit many countries. Tanzania is also not spared from it. For this specific death cause, the Tanzanian government made some stern rules which must be followed for the disposition of the human remains.

  1. The remains should be buried or cremated only.
  2. The body should be embalmed properly.
  3. During the shipment of residuals, a permit from the CDC department is important.

The family members must keep this point in head that the government of Tanzania does not bear any expense related to the embalming, shipping and creating service charges. So one must prepare self for it. The last journey puts all the effort into making the process easy and lessening the grief.


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