Why do we need funerals?

December 27, 2020 0 Comments
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Funerals, I had decided, are for the living – John Green

When someone close to us passes away, a funeral service is held, which follows certain rituals and customs. The funeral is as much about the living as it is for the deceased. It gives the mourners a chance to process the reality and start with their healing journey. The power of a funeral is much more than it seems. 

Here are the main reasons as to why we need funerals.

  1. Acceptance of loss and Transitioning

We know that the first stage of grief is denial. When we take part in the rituals of a funeral, we take the first step towards the acceptance of loss. It also marks a transition in our lives, a shift in our relationship status with the lost one. We now begin our lives without their physical presence, but with the love and memories in our hearts.

     2. Support from family and friends

A funeral service brings everyone together. It provides a safe place for the mourning family to express, share memories, and find support in others. The friends and family have an opportunity to express their condolences by offering a listening ear and a loving touch. Seeing the impact the lost one had in each of those lives is an assuring feeling.

     3. Begin the healing process

Funerals help to deal with the initial effects of grief, such as shock and disbelief. Rather than keeping our grief bottled up, a funeral provides a safe environment to let those emotions out. As humans, we need to grieve, and the funeral helps us in healthy or good grieving. 

     4. Celebrate and honour the lost one

A funeral allows us to honour the life of the lost one. It is crucial to celebrate the life they had on this earth. This can be done through eulogies, the celebration of life events, or memorializing in their memory. It’s a chance to show how a person mattered.

     5. Experiencing the ritual

For people who have deep religious and cultural beliefs, a funeral ceremony holds a lot of importance. Conducting those last rites and praying together with family and friends gives them comfort. If they aren’t able to complete certain rituals, then the mourning family may feel incomplete.

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