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How to Transport a Dead Body Within Indian Cities?

How to Transport a Dead Body Within Indian Cities?
How to Transport a Dead Body Within Indian Cities?


04 November, 2022

How to Transport a Dead Body Within Indian Cities?

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Transport A Dead Body by AirFlight In India


Nowadays, people aren’t properly aware of dead body transportation and the procedure that is followed when it is done within cities. This blog will provide you explanation straight from a professional funeral service provider on how to transport a deceased by air in India. 

When you lose a dear one, the world around you comes to a halt. The mental and emotional anguish that death causes the family members of the departed is incomprehensible. It’s even more difficult if the person dies in an altogether different city and you’re confused on how to get them back for their last rites. 

Dead body transportation from one city to another can easily be done by air/plane or by road in a mortuary van. Transporting a body by mortuary van is easier and requires no documentation other than a hospital’s death certificate. However, when transferring a dead body or human remains across a distance, you must consider air transportation. 

Transporting Human Remains via Air Cargo 

Transporting human remains by air cargo is a difficult process. A lot has to be done including, completing numerous formalities and handing out tight documentation. All this can be complex to figure out at the last minute. You may need professional assistance throughout this process. This blog will explain the steps and documents for transporting a deceased person via plane or air cargo in India. 

How to Carry Dead body from Delhi ,Bangalore, Goa Surat and Jalandhar to Patna by air? 

After the loss of a loved one, we tend to lose track of our actions and behave based on emotion, especially when our loved ones are involved. However, in the event of death, the victim’s safety must be prioritised. After we have calmed down our senses, we must guarantee that the person’s last rites are performed in a clean and preserved setting. Immediately after death, a dead body transport from Delhi to Patna should be contacted and the body transported to a secure location.

After obtaining the necessary paperwork, such as identity and medical certificates, a dead body transportation service from Delhi to Patna, such as Last Journey, may carry the deceased to the airport. The transfer of a dead body on a plane is done through air cargo, and one must contact the airline’s cargo department to have it transferred in a coffin. A dead body ambulance would assist you in transporting the body to the airport. 

How to Carry Dead Body From Mumbai , Nashik,Hyderabad and Chennai to Patna by Air?

Dead body transportation from Metro cities to smaller cities like Bangalore to Bihar, Mumbai to Bihar, Delhi to Patna, Hyderabad to Darbhanga, and Chennai to Bhagalpur is a complex process. These big cities draw a lot of people from small cities and states for work opportunities. They leave their families back home and come to settle in these big cities. That is why in case of death, it becomes important to transport them back to their hometown for final rites. Here are the following steps families can follow to: 

Step 1: Obtain hospital approval and death certificate.

First step would be to get a death certificate from the hospital, indicating the cause of death. Below is a sample of the certificate format: 

  1. Please double-check that the issued death certificate has the name, age, gender, date of death, cause of death, diseased’s address, and any identification marks Name of the doctor, signature of the doctor with a seal, and number of the doctor’s registration ID or medical licence
  2. Check to see if all of the details are correct.
  3. If the death certificate is only available in the local language, ask the doctor for an English translation. 
  4. Make a lot of photocopies of the death certificate.
  5. You can need a post mortem if the death was not natural. You must obtain a post-mortem certificate as well as a copy of the police report from the police department.
  6. Please read the cause of death carefully; you must be aware of it before booking air freight. Some air cargos may not accept human remains of people who have died of diseases such as yellow fever, plague, anthrax, or other ailments.

Step 2: Make arrangements for mortuary.

Check for air cargo availability from your nearest airport to the destination airport once the death certificate has been issued. If you have to wait a long time, it’s a good idea to reserve a mortuary for the body to protect it from decomposing.

Step 3: Get a No-Objection Certificate from the local police station.

You must obtain police clearance or a no-objection certificate from the nearest police jurisdiction.

The police will issue a NOC after they have a better knowledge of the situation.

Step 4: Get Embalming Services and a Embalming Certificate.

Embalming certificate is one of the most important documents for transporting human remains by air. In order to avoid decomposition for a long period, the body must be embalmed.

Embalming services and certificates are available from a variety of private, government, and private service providers. Locate the nearest embalming facility and obtain an embalming certificate signed and sealed by the appropriate authorities or an embalming doctor.

You should get a coffin box and a certificate for it as well.

Step 5: Reserve a coffin box.

You must reserve a coffin box from the nearest funeral undertakers once the body has been handed over to the embalming centre along with the embalming certificate.

Make sure you’re purchasing a coffin box from a reputable source, and that it hasn’t been used before. For air freight clearance, ask your undertaker for a coffin box certificate.

Step 6: Gather necessary paperwork

Carry atleast 10 copies of the following documents to be handed for shipment clearance: 

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Embalming Certificate and Post-Mortem copy of Police NOC
  3. Photo and ID Carf (Adhaar card, Driver’s License, or other similar document)
  4. The receiver’s contact information

Step 7: Arrange for a funeral ambulance to Transport you to the airport.

Once you have all of these documents, you must transport the human remains to the airport via mortuary ambulance. Last Journey helps you with dead body ambulance service. 

Since the body is within a coffin box and has been embalmed, you may not need to rent a freezer-equipped mortuary van.

Step 8: Purchase the air cargo ticket

Human remains are not accepted by all aviation operators. In India, look for air cargos that accept human remains or the body. Inquire about the service’s availability and the next available flight by calling the air cargo department. If they accept online bookings, book cargo; however, most air carriers will not accept online bookings for a dead body. You must personally visit the cargo department and make a reservation.

You must report to the Air Cargo AWB area and produce all documents at least 3 hours prior to departure.

If you’re shipping something with you, you’ll need to reserve an airline ticket for the same journey.

The process of putting paperwork in place takes a long time and a lot of patience. Last Journey will assist you with end-to-end transportation, including all necessary papers. We assign a local partner to assist you throughout the process who is familiar with all of the stages and has all of the necessary connections to obtain documents from the relevant authorities on time. For additional information or to schedule a service, call us at +91 7827777889. 

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How do you get a dead body from one city to another?

In some cases, it can be necessary to transport a deceased via plane to a different city. However, a mortuary van or ambulance with a freezer box is still the most convenient mode of transport for short distances. There are rules governing the transfer of the dead by plane, and you must be well-versed in dead body shipping protocols in order to achieve successful transportation by air at the lowest possible cost.

Can we carry a dead body in flight?

Yes, you can transport a dead body via flight. All you need are some necessary documents including an embalming certificate for air freight clearance, a no-objection certificate (NOC), a death certificate or hospital clearance, etc.

How much does it cost to transport a dead body by plane?

The cost of shipping a deceased person is determined by the distance, weight, and mode of delivery. You’ll have to pay for a container as well as other services in addition to the expense of travel.

How do you transport a dead body?

There are different modes of transportation determined by distance, and time. Human remains can be transported by most airlines and ambulance service providers, however, you must contact a reliable funeral director for a smooth service.


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