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Why is the Funeral Ritual Important?

Why is the Funeral Ritual Important?
Why is the Funeral Ritual Important?


06 December, 2022

Why is the Funeral Ritual Important?

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It is always difficult to overcome the grief of losing someone. But the death rituals like funerals Rituals, cremation, burial and prayer meeting etc lessen the intensity of caused pain. Many factors act as a supporting pillar during the final rituals for grieving family members. On one hand, these rituals give reverence to the departed soul while on the other hand give the opportunity of mourning in the presence of loved ones to the family members.

Some strong reasons that make these final rituals necessary are mentioned here.

1. Offers you a way of honoring the departed

Every religion and sect believes in a different faith and the people following that particular religion adopt a unique way of remembering and honoring the deceased person. During the funeral, close family members do some specific things like,

  • Placing the body in the home or a funeral home where people can come and offer the last set of prayers.
  • The family members put new and sacred clothes on the deceased’s body.
  • For celebrating the life journey of the departed person, some families also hire the funeral direction team for decoration.
  • One can express his/her gratitude towards the deceased person also during the funeral and other final rituals.

2. Make you realize the pain of losing someone

The busyness of the usual life of people drags them away from the reality of life’s journey and that reality is the end means death. The final rituals make us able in accepting the truth and processing the pain of losing our close ones.

When the entire family and friends of the deceased one gather, they understand the worth and contribution of that person in their lives. They cry, sob and wail together and feel the lack of his/her presence there. In a precise manner, you can say that the final rituals offer you a way of embracing the immense pain also.

3.Provides you a time to gather

The death of a beloved family member breaks the close persons entirely and they can not heal their aching souls alone. This is the reason the family calls all the relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues for taking part in the death rituals of the departed person. This gathering helps them in,

  • Expressing their emotions.
  • Remembering the cherishing moments.
  • Consoling each other with sympathetic touch and conversations.
  • Sharing the responsibilities of work while performing the last rituals of a deceased person.

4.Religious and scientific reasons behind the funeral and other last rituals

It is believed that the final rituals like a funeral, cremation and burial etc make the family members free from the final responsibilities that they owe to the deceased one. These rituals are also beneficial for the family members in many ways like,

  • These rituals refrain them from having any bad impact.
  • The close ones get peace in their mind.
  • After performing dignified final rites the departed soul showers love and blessings on the close ones.
  • It also helps in breaking the bonds from family and friends so that the departed soul can attain a new life or salvation.
  • Other rituals like cremation help the deceased one in mingling with the five natural elements- air, water, sky, fire and earth.
  • If the family bury the deceased body it gets assimilated in the soil and offers the essential to the plants and soil.
  • The Asthi Visarjan ritual is also important as in this ritual the ashes or remains are flown in the sacred water which is further used in irrigation.
  • Brahman bhoj and Gau daan are important because it makes the family free from the liabilities of the last rituals.

5.Allows you to pay tribute through a memorial

The memorial services are organized sometime after the demise. This duration allows you to prepare well for the list of guests whom you want to invite, short speeches about the deceased person, memorable stories related to that person and a short film that includes the cherishing memories etc. In the memorial service, you can gather with your loved ones and evoke the contribution of a deceased person in your life.

How do funeral direction organizations help you in performing the final rituals in a dignified manner?

In these difficult times, the family needs the support of friends and other relatives but they get busy in the preparation for death rituals. You can take help from professional teams and spend maximum time with your near and dear ones.

These skilled team members help you in several ways so that you can say goodbye to the departed soul in a respected manner.

  • In providing you a vehicle for the transportation.
  • Arranging pooja samagri for cremation and another ritual.
  • Booking venue for Asthi Visarjan ritual after certain days of cremation.
  • Booking tickets for family members who are taking part in the asthi visarjan ritual.

The final rituals not only show the diverse beliefs prevalent in the country but also show the unity among family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Apart from it, rituals help in processing the sudden pain that the family confronts after the death of a loved one. The close ones feel free to speak their heart during these rituals and heal their aching hearts. Based on the above-mentioned reasons, one can say that performing the last rituals of a deceased person is mandatory and avoiding it can harm you emotionally and mentally both.

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