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Last Journey funeral obituary in Kolkata

  • Obituary writing, designing, and formatting
  • Personalized obituaries in local and national newspapers
  • Printing as classified and display ads
  • Prompt and timely publishing at the lowest prices

The passing away of a loved one is an overwhelming experience. Dealing with the various emotions of grief, sorrow, guilt, and anger, it can get really difficult for you to arrange for all the funeral arrangements and last rites.

The pain is something that can never be put into words. 

Amidst these tough times, the most difficult thing is to make the demise official. It can take a lot out of you to write an official announcement for the wider community. However hard, it is crucial to publish a respectful and honourable obituary that will serve as a community announcement. Our services assist mourning families in handling this social responsibility by writing a personal obituary in the memory of your loved one. 

Through our Funeral obituary services in Calcutta, we ensure that the obituary serves as an announcement as well as a tribute to your lost beloved. It is probably the last thing written about your loved one and we make sure that it is written right!

How to write an Obituary?

Our team follows a sympathetic approach in providing funeral services. We will create a properly designed and formatted obituary for your loved one. You can either choose to print the obituary in newspapers or you can upload them up on memorial pages and social media accounts. All the work including the writing and the coordination with the necessary newspapers will be done by our team.

For printing in newspapers, we provide you with the option of display and classified ads. The classified ads are published on specific pages that are assigned for such ads and are placed under categories. Whereas the display ads appear on the page of the editorial content or the page adjacent to the editorial content. To make it easier for you we can send you samples so that you have a better understanding of your needs. We publish the obituary in both local and national newspapers.

Our obituaries can also be printed as bookmarks and cards. 

How to make the Obituary personal?

To make for a fitting tribute Last Journey obituary services in Kolkata capture the essence of the lost soul. The obituary is formatted properly and includes the announcement of the demise, the details of the funeral service (time and place), names of surviving family members, the life story of the beloved, and much more. 

The obituary will be more than just an announcement. We capture important details such as achievements, interests, hobbies, funny stories, and the treasured moments of the deceased soul.


In case of any queries or guidance, you can reach out to us at any time of the day. We are there for you!


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