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In timeless religious traditions, there is one way to bring some calm after the loss of a loved one. Within a few days of the demise, a prayer meeting is held, where distant family, friends, and members of the community gather to share grief, pay condolences, and honour the life of the lost soul. They serve as an important part of the socio-cultural life and for the emotional support of the family.


How to avail catering services for prayer meets in Kolkata?

Indian funerals in Kolkata are a religiously and socially crucial event, and the food serves to be a prime factor in it. Relatives fly in from around the globe and gather to pray for the lost soul. At such times, it can be a huge task for the bereaved family to arrange for the best and most customized food menu.

You should consider and look for someone who has years of experience and professionalism in the industry. At Last Journey, we work closely with bereaved families to create a culinary experience that will please your tastes as well as your faiths. Whether it be a reception, Shraddh ceremony, Dasvi, Tehravin, Pin Daan, Satsang, small get together, Puja ceremony, Hawan, or any other get together to be catered, the Last Journey offers a memorable and professional experience.


Catering Services Kolkata


Why choose the Last Journey for Funeral Catering Services in Kolkata?

  • Broad menu with customized dishes and over 1000 options from different cuisine types
  • Vegetarian alternatives as well as pure Satvik meals – options as per traditional values
  • Cuisines: North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Goan Maharashtrian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, etc
  • Affordable prices and packages as per specific needs
  • Freshly prepared meals and Prashad’s in good hygienic kitchens


When it comes to planning and organizing a religious event, we offer a plethora of services. It is not just limited to the culinary experience but extends to comprehensive funeral arrangements with specializations.

Here’s a complete list of all the services we provide:

  • Prayer meet packages
  • Buffet Arrangements
  • Customizations as per need for, eg no garlic and onion
  • Packed Meal Options
  • Live counters for snacks and Prashad
  • Tenting, seating, and lighting arrangements
  • Theme based Floral Decor
  • Artists for funeral/Bhajan Singers
  • Designer Crockery & Cutlery
  • Serving Team


The last Journey offers catering services in Kolkata, New Town, Howrah, Salt Lake City, Medinipur, Durgapur, Nadia, South and North 24 Parganas, Bardhaman, and other locations.