Cremation Grounds

One of the most difficult experiences is losing a loved one. Demise is something for which we are never ready. One can never plan death and the funeral services that follow it are difficult to arrange for. When the family is supposed to be together and grieve, they instead get occupied in arranging for a dignified funeral service.

The foremost and most important step is arranging for the cremation services by booking a cremation ground, organizing for the antim sanskar samagri, and looking for a pandit. The Last Journey funeral services in Mumbai assure you of providing end-to-end cremation service. We also offer other funeral services, including Mortuary Van, Freezer Box, Pandit, Obituary, Chautha/Tehravin, Funeral Artist, and Asthi Visarjan.

Here is a list of the list of Cremation Grounds in Kolkata with address, contact, and services:

  1. Ariadaha Burning Ghat
  2. Baranagar Burning Ghat
  3. Boral Crematorium Kolkata
  4. Garia Adi Maha Shamshan Kolkata
  5. Kashi Mitra Burning Ghat Kolkata
  6. Keoratola Crematorium Kolkata
  7. Keoratola Crematorium Kolkata
  8. Nimtala Burning Ghat Kolkata
  9. Ratan Babu Burning Ghat
  10. Sirity Burning Ghat Kolkata