Pet Cremation Kolkata

Losing a pet is a heart-wrenching experience. Our furry animals hold an imminent space in our hearts, and their loss can cause pain of kinds that cannot be expressed. On top of all this, it is the responsibility of pet families to mannerly, legally, and empathetically conduct the last rites of the pet. 

More and more families are now adopting personalized pet funeral services so that they can have memorials, places, and mementos to cherish the memory of their pets. It is widely believed and experienced that holding a ceremony or ritual can help cope with the loss in a healthy manner. 

Arranging for the funeral of your pet can be a new thing for pet parents. You may have a lot of confusion and doubts in your mind. Whether you choose to go for burial or cremation for disposing of your pet, we encourage you to consider your religious as well as environmental views. We offer simple as well as elaborate affairs for the service of your pet. Bid the perfect memorable goodbye! 


Pet Cremation Services Kolkata

  • End-to-end assistance for pet funeral
  • Transportation of the beloved pet
  • Floral decor and preparation of the furry friend
  • Pet Cremation Services 
  • Pet Burial Services Kolkata
  • Personalized memorials and tombstones


We are a team of professionals offering comprehensive pet funeral services. Our team arranges for transport of the pet from the house and vet center to the respective cremation or burial ground. Considering religious and personal preferences we offer options of both traditional cremation and burial. The Last Journey team also arranges for ash immersion and the beautiful ceremony of growing a tree from the ashes. All the options and services have their unique essence, and we will customize the best option for you. 

We understand that one is usually not aware of centers and cremation grounds for pets. Hence to support and assist you during this difficult time, we offer you our helping hand. We are experienced and offer dog cremation, cat cremation, and other funeral services in Kolkata. 


Memorials for pets:


  • We offer a memorable place for your pets in this world by planning, organizing, and creating beautiful mementos.
  • Urns and headstones for your pet
  • Candle lighting ceremonies
  • Prayers, poems, and readings for your pet
  • Memorial pictures and videos


Our team always follows codes and ethics when it comes to dealing with your pets. We love animals and make sure they get the right care and love.