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14 ways to overcome Grief

14 ways to overcome Grief
14 ways to overcome Grief


21 July, 2021

14 ways to overcome Grief

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The feeling of demise can feel almost unbelievable, particularly when it is a loved one. It can lead to a feeling of emptiness and pain that may seem impossible to heal. Overcoming this feeling is a journey of its own, and one may feel lost at some point. 

Here are 14 ways that have helped people others overcome grief:

  1. Acknowledge your feelings. Denying what you’re feeling may seem like a faster route towards healing but it can get difficult for you in the long run. Accept the emotions and know that it is okay to feel this way.
  2. Losing your beloved may leave you in nostalgia. Instead of bottling up your feelings try and share the stories, memories, and photos of the deceased. It is a part of acceptance. 
  3. You may feel cheated or angry at the deceased after they pass away. It is very important to let go of any past resentment and forgive them. You will be relieved of the pain you may be causing yourself. 
  4. Allow others to comfort you. Know that you cannot stay strong at every phase of the grieving process and it is okay to rely on others for some support. 
  5. The loss of a loved one may make you forget your own needs at that moment. While it is normal for grief to overpower your emotions, you must practice self-care. Taking care of yourself will allow you to move forward and heal.
  6. Your emotions may be everywhere and this, in turn, tends to affect appetite. Try and maintain a healthy diet by taking small steps every day. 
  7. While exercising daily is not something that may be possible at the initial stages of grief, you should try by just moving around more than usual. Go for a walk with your loved ones and once you feel better make an exercise routine for yourself. Exercise releases endorphins in the body which gives a sense of well being. 
  8. Accept the downs. After days of feeling better suddenly you may get hit with feelings of intense sadness due to a certain memory or words said by someone. Know that it is okay to feel down from time to time. 
  9. Consider joining support groups. It provides for a place where your emotions can get validation and you will feel understood. 
  10. Talk to a therapist. It’s a safe place for you to open about any kind of emotions that you are feeling ranging from sadness to guilt. A professional can guide you in the right direction of healing.
  11. Do something in the memory of the lost one like making a memento, planting a tree, or anything through which you can honour the lost loved one.
  12. Try and celebrate the life that the lost one had. Hold up a Celebration of life event along with the friends and family of the deceased.
  13.  Learn to be patient in the grieving process. There are no shortcuts when it comes to dealing with the loss of a loved one. 
  14. Acceptance of the new reality. The final stage of grieving is also acceptance, but of the new things in your life. Instead of feeling guilty accept that you have found meaning in your life. 

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