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Should We Celebrate A Young Person’s Life After Death? Is It Right Or Wrong?

Should We Celebrate A Young Person’s Life After Death? Is It Right Or Wrong?
Should We Celebrate A Young Person’s Life After Death? Is It Right Or Wrong?

Deepu Verma

06 March, 2024

Should We Celebrate A Young Person’s Life After Death? Is It Right Or Wrong?

When a young family member or closest friend leaves, it causes an unbearable void in the hearts of all near and dear ones. Though accepting the loss of a young one's life is one of the toughest phases in life, the family of the young deceased can dial down the grief up to the least extent by "Celebrating his/her Life".

The immense pain, grief and feeling of being lost can be overcome by only cherishing the beautiful moments lived together. After conducting all the dignified last rites for the young departed soul, the family can give as well as obtain closure through hosting a "Celebration of Life" with all the near & dear ones.

Is it right or wrong to celebrate a young one's life after death?

The experienced and well-versed organizations that provide professional services regarding the management of " Celebration of the Life After Death" put a believe that, " There should always be a balance between mourning the loss and celebrating the moments that were lived together."

And yes, it is okay to celebrate the life of a young one after its demise as long as it is done mindfully.

What changes it can bring to the family and friend's life after losing a young soul?

The meaningful and sensitive celebration of a deceased's life demands thoughtful planning. It not only relocates the focus of close ones from the absence of the departed soul but also offers an appropriate way to heal together.

Here are the major significance of "celebrating the life of a young one" after demise.

1. Positive Influence on The Loved Ones -

Instead of burying the aching hearts only in sadness, the family members and all the known ones should be immersed in the lovely and positive memories of the deceased one. This individual occasion will help the people evoke all the smiling moments and preserve those cherishing incidents in their memories forever.

2. Healing from the grief, pain, distress, and void -:

Well bottling up the emotions and not expressing the grief through genuine ways always takes a toll on the mental and emotional health. But there must be some room for gradual healing through sharing positive thoughts, lovely memories, and incidents of strong bond between the departed young soul and family members. This will only be possible through a small gathering of loved ones for "Celebrating the life journey" of the young departed soul.

3. Accepting the continuity of life's cycle -

The "celebration of life" after demise enables the close ones to embrace the fierce truth of the life and death cycle. Celebrating the journey of the deceased one over mourning the loss or void created due to his/her absence brings a sense of positivity, stability, and acceptance. Such events also remind a grieving person about the importance of life and the departed soul in the life journey.

Besides all the compelling reasons to plan a day to "celebrate the deceased's life", it will allow you to seek the support of the entire society which includes all the well-wishers and known ones of the departed person. This further leads to the quick healing of the family who has just lost a beloved young one.

What are the right ways to "Celebrate a Young Deceased's life" in a memorable and impactful manner?

It solely depends on the choice of the deceased's family in which way they want to honor, remember, and celebrate the short life journey of a young departed soul of their family. But to make the celebration even more meaningful and memorable, you can take a quick view of some finest ways.

1. Pick a venue that was close to the heart of the deceased person -

The very initial step in planning an event for "celebrating the life journey" is selecting a location that shows a strong connection with the deceased person. It could be the favorite outing place, a cafe, park or garden or any other location where he/she was used to visiting frequently. You can get permission from the authorities of these places and host a small and intimate gathering.

2. Invite all the people who were close to the departed person -

The presence of all the well-wishers and other known ones who share an intense connection with the deceased person will comfort and please the departed soul as well as the bereaved family members. You can also ask them to bring something or contribute to the event as an admiration of the life journey of the deceased. While finalizing the list of attendees for the occasion, you must keep the point in your head regarding the connection or relationship between two of them (the deceased one and the attendee).

3. Try to attain or generate ideas within your close circle -

It is not an event where people come just to have great fun and leave after the closing of the ceremony but the "celebration of Life" holds great significance as it conveys a deep meaning of the life & death cycle. Therefore the ideas should be welcomed while having a small discussion with close ones.

4. Include some edibles and drinks of the deceased's choice -

Though there is no need to arrange a multi-course meal, a small yet significant inclusion of a few beverages and light edibles will be great. While selecting the menu, you should pay extra attention to the choice of the deceased person. If you have a good budget, hire a professional catering service at the decided venue.

5. Include the activities to remember the deceased person -

All the family members and attendees should have a chance to pour their hearts in front of everyone to express their love and respect towards the deceased person. It could be dedicating a song to the departed soul, sharing a beautiful memory and reciting a lovely poem. You can also hire a musician or a technical team to get professional assistance in the event.

6. Give a closure with a memorable and personalized gift -

At the end of the ceremonial gathering, you can gift a personalized thing to all the attendees. It will act as a dense layer or bridge of memory between both souls. It could be a bracelet having the name of the deceased person on it, a favorite book of the departed one or any other decorative item having a picture or name printed on it. This final memory will give closure to all the attendees regarding the life journey of the deceased.

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Is it beneficial to hire a professional team to host the "celebration of life" event?

All the family members can collectively contribute to the planning and execution of the event but hiring a professional event management team or a renowned funeral direction team will be even more advantageous.

Here are the noteworthy benefits of hiring a professional team for hosting a "Celebration of Life".

  1. They serve the clients through end-to-end delivery services. It lessens the burden on the host family member.
  2. The professional team suggests a range of personalized plans that will deeply connect all the attendees with the departed soul.
  3. Team members can suggest some additional ideas to best convey the messages, personality, and qualities of the deceased person.
  4. The team can take charge of each task from booking the venue to arranging catering services. They will act as a mediator between the service provider and the deceased's family.
  5. After handing over the whole responsibility of the "Celebrating the Life" event, the family and friends can remember the young departed soul collectively.

Conclusion -

The celebration of the deceased's life will enable you to keep his/her good & positive memories in your heart. Through hosting such an intimate event you can continue the legacy of the departed one to the eternity whom you lost too early. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Celebration of Life" event?

To cherish the memories and positive moments of the deceased person together instead of focusing only on the loss and absence of that individual is known as a "Celebration of Life".:

Should a family celebrate the life of a young departed soul?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with hosting a "Celebration of Life" event for a young deceased person.:

Who will be the attendee of this event?

All the near and dear ones who share a unique bond with the departed soul should be invited by the family to join this intimate gathering to evoke the passed person positively.:

What is the purpose of hosting the "Life Celebration Ceremony" after the painful demise of the beloved young one?

To continue the thoughts, perspective and living the way of life of the young throb, it is essential to celebrate his/her life instead of only mourning over the loss. It will also heal the aching hearts of grieving family members and friends.:

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