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6 Celebration of life Ideas for your Senior Loved Ones

6 Celebration of life Ideas for your Senior Loved Ones
6 Celebration of life Ideas for your Senior Loved Ones


07 February, 2023

6 Celebration of life Ideas for your Senior Loved Ones

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Celebration of life is a service or event that offers the grievers a chance to say dignified goodbye to the departed soul. It can be a private final ceremony for the departed soul or a grand celebration of his/her life journey.

The close ones can give it a touch of the religious event as well because they can include some unique religious rituals after the passing of a beloved person. But keeping it light will be better for the family members as the traditional way of saying goodbye make people emotional.

The “Celebration of Life” service or event brings beautiful memories of the deceased person in front of the close ones.

Here are six ideas for the celebration of life for senior citizens through which you can honour your beloved senior member of your family and bid adieu to him/her.

  1. Plant trees or make a garden in loving memories of the departed person.
  2. Share the memories in unique ways
  3. Music – a great way of celebrating life
  4. Light the sky with lanterns or colourful balloons
  5. Visit the old age homes and donate something unique
  6. A memorial fundraiser

These specific ideas of Celebration of Life will not only help you evoke the loving memory of the deceased person but will also spark some inspiration among people. Let’s know these unique ideas in detail.

  • Plant trees or make a beautiful garden

Nature is the best way to establish a connection between you and the departed soul. Every person loves spending time in the lap of mother nature and especially senior citizens spend quality time in the gardens or parks. Therefore planting some beautiful trees or making a garden in the loving memory of your beloved family member will be a great way to evoke their life journey and celebrate it.

Another aspect of utilizing this idea for the celebration of life is, nature symbolizes the cycle of life. It signifies that all the phases of life are beautiful whether it is a beginning or an end.

  • Share the memories of the departed person in a unique way

Memories bring tears to your eyes but make you smile as well. For the Celebration of Life, the close family members must include those memories that can tickle the loved ones instead of making them emotional.

You can take help from the below-mentioned ideas regarding the memory sharing of the deceased person.

  1. Family members can take help from the professional team and make a short film on the life journey of the departed person. Including the photographs of family members in the short film will make them feel connected.
  2. A memory slideshow with music can also make people smile and help them remember the person in a good way.
  3. The guests and family members can read loudly the funny and loving memories of the departed person in front of the family members.
  4. Distributing sharing pictures of the departed person and a specific person to that same person will make them feel special.
  • Music is a great way to evoke the life journey

During difficult times, music acts as a soothing factor and when it belongs to the category of the departed person’s favorite, it becomes more special for the Celebration of Life.

You can hire a singer or artist for playing the favorite music of the departed person. Another way of including music in the Celebration of Life event is, singing a unique song by every attendee that depicts the unique bond with the departed person.


  • Light up the sky in the loving memories

It is considered that after demise your beloved ones become a star in the sky and look at you from a great distance. Adding more stars to the sky while praying, honoring and remembering the deceased person is a great way of Celebration of life.

Sky lanterns are completely eco-friendly as they are made up of paper. Flying high with a flame of hope will offer a dignified farewell to your beloved one. However, you can replace these sky lanterns with colourful balloons also but they can harm the environment in some ways.


  • Visit the old age home and serve the senior citizens

The family members can plan a visit to an old age home where they can share the memories of the deceased senior member of their family. Talking to them kindly and serving them food and essentials can soothe your heart in difficult times.

This generous act will infuse an inspirational vibe in your children and make them able to understand the journey of life. A whole day for senior citizens can be the best way to Celebration of Life in the loving memory of your beloved person.


  • A memorial fundraiser for needy ones

Remembering the life journey of an elder person who is no more with you by helping out others can be a bit expensive. But if you can afford this idea for the Celebration of Life, no other way is better than this to honour the departed soul.

Collecting funds in the name of the deceased person and giving it to needy people will satiate the soul of the deceased one as well as soothe yours. You can name it an education fund or a welfare fund for senior citizens. Including the interest of the departed person will enhance the worth of this kind act.

How can you plan a Celebration of Life event for the departed person?

Taking help from professional teams in difficult times is quite important as it simplifies your work and lessens your responsibilities so that you can spend maximum time with your loved ones.

Asking for more unique ideas, planning for their execution and establishing contact with old age homes through NGOs or other teams will help you in a great way for the Celebration of Life event. You can also take help from family and friends in deciding the idea for Celebration of Life.

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