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Changes in the Hindu Cremation Process: Modernizing Last Rites and Funeral Customs

Changes in the Hindu Cremation Process: Modernizing Last Rites and Funeral Customs
Changes in the Hindu Cremation Process: Modernizing Last Rites and Funeral Customs

29 March, 2023

Changes in the Hindu Cremation Process: Modernizing Last Rites and Funeral Customs

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The cremation ritual is an inseparable part of a Hindu custom performed after the death of an individual. It opens the door of the heavenly abode for the departed soul. But diverse causes are shifting the conventional cremation ritual to another format.

Have a look at the changes that are included in the conventional cremation ritual and their associated reasons.

Opting new ways of decomposing deceased body

The increasing levels of air pollution and cutting of trees for providing logs for cremation concern people regarding the environment. This compels people to change their way of saying goodbye to their beloved ones.

Here are the substitutes for cremation rituals for those who want to make the air free from pollutants even after their passing.

  • Water burial
  • Alkaline hydrolysis
  • Feed the soil and trees
  • Be a treat for scavengers
  • Use eco-friendly ways of cremation

These are the new ways that are introduced to the people for bidding adieu to their beloved ones in a more meaningful way.

Water Burial

Instead of cremating the deceased body in the open atmosphere people prefer to sink deep down in the ocean. An authoritative team performing funeral rites of people helps people in water burial. The human remains and ashes turn into the coral reef after a few days of water burial.

Alkaline hydrolysis 

Decomposing deceased bodies through an alkaline substance, a distinct way is gaining ground among people who want to perform the final rituals in a non-harming environment way. This takes only three-four hours to decompose the body and turn it into a murky brown liquid.

Feed the soil and trees

A unique way of earth burial is also accepted by a large number of people. The deceased bodies are placed inside the ground and plant the seeds of trees after burial. The decomposing body helps the implanted sapling in growing into a big tree. The family members can visit the place and spend time under the shade of that particular tree which reminds them about the departed person.

Sky burial or a treat for scavengers

This kind of decomposing deceased body is quite popular in the northern parts of India. The dead bodies are placed on the top areas of specific mountains where scavenging birds and animals treat them as their food. It is entirely a natural way of decomposing the body.

Eco-friendly ways of cremation

Cremating deceased bodies by adopting modern ways can also help in refraining the environment from becoming polluted. A quick way to turn the dead body into ashes not only saves time for close people but emits polluted smoke in less amount also.

Here are the eco-friendly ways of cremation.

  • Electric cremation
  • CNG cremation

Electric Cremation – In this method the dead bodies are placed inside a combustion chamber which is set at a certain high temperature.

CNG Cremation- A similar way to cremate the dead body through a gas chamber is known as CNG cremation. Only 30-45 minutes are enough for CNG cremation.

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