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Dead body transport from India to Kuwait

Dead body transport from India to Kuwait
Dead body transport from India to Kuwait


07 October, 2022

Dead body transport from India to Kuwait

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The demise of a close person in a non-native country comes in the most difficult task. The family members become anxious and they face mental agony due to some helpless situations. Everybody wants to be with the remains of the departed soul but it is not easy to bring them back home. Some organizations provide their services in bringing the human remains of the deceased person back home along with the arrangement of important documents. The Last journey has made its leading position in those organizations.

Its services stretch from reporting the unfortunate incident at the local police station to booking cargo tickets for shipping the remains to the native country.

This article will guide the people who are finding themselves puzzled by the repatriation process from India to Kuwait. The stepwise guidance will assist them and help in lessening their stress and grief.

What are the main elements of this entire process?

The repatriation or transportation of the dead body from India to Kuwait is a long task and it includes a specific set of rules and regulations which should be followed by the family member while completing the process.

  1. The clearance from the hospital authority.
  2. The clearance from the local police station.
  3. The embalming process and embalming certificate.
  4. Arrangement of the coffin and its certificate.
  5. List of important documents before leaving for an air service organization.
  6. Arrangement of cargo shipping tickets.
  7. Arrangement of mortuary van or freezing box.
  8. Cost and time required in the repatriation process.

Clearance from the hospital authority

Usually, the clearance right after the death is acquired by the hospitals where the person was admitted. But if the person has died due to sudden causes like an attack or organ failure then a certified private or government hospital gives clearance in the form of a death certificate. The main points one must keep in mind while getting the death certificate.

  1. The language of the death certificate must be in both the languages of the concerned countries, India and Kuwait.
  2. One must check the information regarding the deceased person like age, name, gender, time and reason twice because a slight mistake can delay the entire process.
  3. If the person dies under some skeptical circumstances then the death certificate must be attached with a postmortem report.
  4. The death certificate is an important and first document that helps in proceeding it further.

Clearance from the local police station and legal authority

The local police station intervenes in this process. They ask some questions related to the death cause and timing of the unfortunate incident. Then they issue a NOC ( no objection certificate) document. It makes the further proceeding less complex. For this document, the close family member needs to visit the police station that comes in that jurisdiction of the respective area.

Embalming process and Embalming certificate

The human remains can not survive the normal temperature and the other things also affect the body. They make it easily deplorable. Hence the embalming process is very necessary for the security of the remains. This process replaces the body fluids with some chemical substance and a coating of the human body with chemical material also takes place in it. This is suggested that the people should choose a government or a certified private center for the embalming services. One does not forget to take the embalming certificate from the same center. This certifies that the body can be shipped and it will reach the destined location without any decay.

Arrangement of Coffin and Coffin certificate

After the embalming process, the embalmed body should be placed safely inside a coffin. Usually, it is provided by the embalming centers. But if one is unable to get it from there then he or she must look for a professional funeral undertaker for coffin services. This coffin must be certified through a certificate. It is written on that document that the coffin can be shipped through a cargo shipping service. The family member must check it before buying. It should not be cracked from anywhere and it should be new.

List of important documents before leaving for an air service organization

Though it has been told above that what documents are required to collect before reaching the air transportation service and booking the tickets. But a list of those documents will assure you the maximum.

air-transportation doc

  1. Death certificate
  2. Post-mortem copy
  3. Police NOC
  4. Embalming certificate
  5. Coffin certificate
  6. Photo and ID card ( Adhaar card/ driving license or any equivalent document)
  7. Contact details of the receiver in case of non-accompanied transport.

These documents must be collected before reaching the air service organization and only original certificates are not enough. So one must collect at least 10 xerox copies of each document. Because the set of these documents must be submitted at necessary points.

Arrangement of cargo shipping tickets

Every air transportation service provider does not render the facility for cargo shipping between India and Kuwait. Hence one must make a list of names of air cargo shipping service providers through online checking and phone contacts. Some more points need to be kept in mind while booking the tickets.

  1. The person should book the tickets through the online method. The offline mode consumes so much time and money because in the offline method one needs to visit every air service providing organization. It should be avoided in such a difficult time.
  2. The person must inform the AWB department inside the air transportation organization. This department takes the responsibility for such cargo shipping tasks.
  3. If the person is not travelling with the cargo or human remains then the information and address of the receiver must be provided.

Cost and time needed in the repatriation from India to Kuwait

The last journey assures its service consumers by providing bills for every service and transportation. It is quite easy to understand that the process is long and complex so it requires more time than usual. We as a team give our services with full dedication and try to make it less time taking and less difficult.

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