What happens to the human body after demise?

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Have you ever wondered what happens to the human body after demise? We live with this body our whole lives. Yet we don’t usually know what exactly happens to it after passing away. Though the journey of your life and soul may come to an end, the physical aspect of us starts to take its natural course.

Here is what happens to your body after you pass away and why you should know and learn about it.


1. Pallor Mortis.

The first stage refers to the after-death paleness that shows in the human body, generally within 15-25 mins of passing away. It happens because gravity causes the blood to sink into the lower parts of the body.


2. Algor Mortis.

Being the second stage, Algor mortis is the decline in the body temperature that takes place after demise.

3. Rigor Mortis.

Generally known as the postmortem rigidity, this is the third stage for the human body. It is characterized by the stiffening of the limbs.


4. Livor Mortis.

This stage is characterized by the settling of the blood, causing a purplish red discoloration of the human body.


5. Putrefaction.

The fifth stage marks the beginning of the decomposition when the tissues and organs start to deteriorate organically. This process is characterized by the greenish discoloration on the outside of the skin.


6. Decomposition.

During decomposition, the dead organic substances are broken down into simplers forms of matter. This stage is characterized by a strong and unpleasant odor.


7. Skeletonization.

This is the final stage of decomposition where the soft tissues have decayed, and the skeleton gets exposed.


8. Fossilization.

This is the natural preservation of the skeleton remains, over a long period.


We don’t have to remember all the technical terms, but knowing what happens to our bodies after we pass away is crucial. It is high time that we break the taboo revolving around death as it leads to more fear and spread of misinformation. If more people discuss and read, more acceptance is generated, which in turn causes us to take care of ourselves and our loved ones better.

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