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Funeral keepsakes and mementos to remember your loved one

Funeral keepsakes and mementos to remember your loved one
Funeral keepsakes and mementos to remember your loved one


16 February, 2022

Funeral keepsakes and mementos to remember your loved one

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Understandably, the passing away of a loved one is an overwhelming time for the grieving family. Depending on the cause of demise and the relationship with the lost loved one, one’s emotions may vary. While it is indeed a hard time, we should not forget the time we spent with the lost one. The lost person and the relationship we shared with them need to be celebrated. 

Conducting all the funeral rituals for the peace of the lost soul is an imminent part of the funeral service. With time, people have understood the importance of celebrating life. It focuses on the positive aspects of the deceased’s life so that everyone remembers the lost one happily. It is a great way to honor the achievements, contributions, personalities, and interests of the lost person so that a beautiful farewell can be paid. 

One of the most important aspects of such funeral services is mementos to remember your loved ones. With more open mindsets and the realization that each life is special and needs to be celebrated, such tokens of gifts have gained popularity. Each guest of the funeral service can remember the lost one with something special.

  1. Personalized bookmarks with the favorite quote of the lost person. Every time they read a book they get a chance to remember the lost soul.
  2. Flower or plant seeds that everyone can grow in the honor of the deceased.
  3. Pocket Charms make for a beautiful souvenir. Each time you cross it you will be reminded of the lost person.
  4. Memorial candles are a thoughtful keepsake for friends and families of the deceased. You can personalize it by inscribing the name of the lost person. 
  5. You can also give out something to eat such as cookies or candies that were loved by the lost person. Add a note or memory card to make it even more special.
  6. A memorial necklace or bracelet makes for a perfect keepsake to keep the remains of the loved one close to you always.
  7. A photo frame with a picture of the loved one is a great way for the family to remember their relative or friend. They can always see them smiling and happy. 
  8. A custom crossword puzzle or playing card is a fun way to create a memorial. You will remember the lost person each time you play. Personalize it with a piece of art or favorite saying of the lost friend.
  9. Through a memorial magnet, you can see your loved one every day. Hang it on your refrigerator or you can make a memorial wall.
  10. Stones with affirmations make for a unique and beautiful keepsake. It’s good to go with words that meant something to the lost loved one. 

Who Should Be the Recipient of the Favors?

Funeral favours are given to those who will be attending the funeral. Funeral presents, on the other hand, are intended for the deceased’s family members and are presented as an expression of compassion. Individuals who receive treats during their funeral are frequently those who want their funeral to be considered as a party and hence present “party favours” to their visitors.

When Is It Appropriate to Give Favors?

Funerals are serious occasions, but it’s worth the time and effort to remember your loved one with funeral souvenirs for their friends and extended family. With a little token, provide individuals with a way to feel connected to your loved one on a daily basis, so they can continue to enjoy and appreciate their memories of them.

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