How and Why to Pre-Plan your Funeral?

August 5, 2020 0 Comments
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As humans, we always prefer and want things to go our way. We spend our whole lives making decisions personal and professional. We either make them all by ourselves or take the advice of family and friends. Then why not for our funerals? After all, funerals are a remembrance of our lives and our soul. The choice to share your wishes and your preferences with your family or a funeral director is a blessing, and more and more people should adopt this practice.

Pre-planning funerals can relieve the family from stress at the time of demise. It’s already a painful experience to deal with loss. On top of that, disputes and misunderstanding regarding the last wishes can generate bitter emotions. To free your loved ones from such unnecessary worry, pre-plan funerals as it will help them to heal and be satisfied. They will be able to get a meaningful funeral where they can bid a proper goodbye.

Another great advantage of pre-planning funeral is that your wishes will be known and followed. If you have any specific preferences regarding your remains and the nature of your funeral service, you can specify them in your plan. You also get the opportunity to focus on the details, which otherwise may get ignored. There is an ultimate peace in knowing that people will remember you as you want them to.

The planning process will require some decision making. One of the major tasks is to prepare a will. By finalizing a will, you declare the lawful owners of your properties and assets. It can prevent future quarrels and disputes within the family. Also, a will decides the guardians for children, pardons past debts, and more. Another similar decision includes the entitlement of a beneficiary for all your banking decisions, life insurance policies, fund transfers, and shares. It will save your family from future hassles.

For the funeral service, the first decision is to choose between a cremation or a burial service. You may also opt for organ donation, and for that, you need to notify the necessary organization beforehand. If opting for burial, you can look for burial spots and buy the liked casket. And if you choose cremation, you need to inform the family what they should do with the remains. Taking these decisions and openly talking about your wishes can make everything run smoothly for your funeral.

Apart from this, you can also document your preferences regarding the location of your funeral service, the floral arrangements, music, attendees, prayer hall, and obituary. If there are any donations or gifts you would like to give, then now would be the time to inform.

If we can overcome the taboo of demise and accept it as a part of life, then pre-planning with your family and friends will become easier. Do your bit, and rest assured your family will look after everything.

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